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Chapter 2 Louisiana Culture To play the game, go to the next slide and click on a point value to go to a question. To go to final Wrap-Up click on Final.

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1 Chapter 2 Louisiana Culture To play the game, go to the next slide and click on a point value to go to a question. To go to final Wrap-Up click on Final Wrap-Up at the bottom of the main screen.

2 Culture Roots Ethnic Groups Ethnic Groups 2 Cultural Expressions Vocabulary Culture Regions

3 Team 1Team 2Team 3Team 4 Team 5 Wager board

4 “We went out in order... with veils lowered and each carrying a lighted candle of white wax... The troops, drawn up on both sides of the streets, marched in perfect order, single file, leaving between them and us a distance of about four feet. The drums and fifes accompanied the songs and made agreeable harmony. The citizens led the procession. Our day pupils followed. Our thirty orphans, each with a candle in her hand, formed a third group. Then came the ladies of the congregation, each with a lighted candle. The community and the clergy terminated the procession. The order was well kept in spite of the mud and the singing of the children.” - Ursuline nun Which aspect of culture still endures today and is included in this 1734 description of a move to a newly built convent?

5 Use of parades to celebrate important events (secular and religious) score board

6 How are Maurice’s and Juliana’s cultures the same? Maurice’s family is descended from the first settlers of Louisiana. They came to Louisiana from Canada. Maurice speaks a mixture of French, English, and African languages. His father works in the oil industry. He has a friend, Juliana. She refers to her culture as Creole.

7 Their families were forced from their original homelands score board

8 Why was the first European religion in Louisiana Roman Catholic?

9 The French and Spanish controlled the colony, and both were Roman Catholic score board

10 Why did the slaves brought into Louisiana after statehood have a different culture than those brought before statehood?

11 The slaves after statehood were mostly English speaking and were from other states, not other countries scoreboard

12 What do the three drops of blood flowing from the breast of the brown pelican symbolize on the state flag?

13 The state’s willingness to sacrifice itself for its citizens score board

14 Why does the National Park Service have two Acadian Cultural Centers?

15 Lafourche Parish Center celebrates the culture of the Acadians in the wetlands, and the Acadia Parish Center honors the Acadians in the prairie score board

16 Who brought Mardi Gras to Louisiana?

17 French Explorers score board

18 What completes the timeline? Timeline of Colonial Events Date Historical Event 1682 LaSalle claimed Louisiana for France. 1727 Ursuline nuns arrived in New Orleans. 1732 Louisiana became a French royal colony. 1762 Treaty of Fontainebleau transferred Louisiana from France to Spain. 1763 Treaty of Paris transferred land east of Mississippi to Great Britain. 1764 ????????? 1777 Isleños began arriving in Spanish Louisiana. 1779 New Iberia founded. 1780 Significant number of Anglos came into the colony. 1800 Treaty of San Ildefonso transferred Louisiana back to France. 1803 Louisiana Purchase

19 First Acadians Arrived in Louisiana score board

20 According to the data from the 2012 U.S. Census, what conclusions can be drawn about past and current emigration patterns? Ancestry of Louisiana Ancestry Percent of Louisiana Population English 6.5 % French 14.1% French Canadian 2.5% German 8.3% Irish 7.8% Italian 4.9% Portuguese 0.1% Scotch-Irish 0.9% Scottish 1.0% West Indian 0.2% World Region of Birth of Foreign Born World Region Percent of Louisiana Population Europe 9.5% Asia 32.2% Africa 3.9% Oceania 0.4% Latin America 52.4% Northern America 1.7%

21 People from Asia were not present in significant numbers until today score board

22 Which country is most likely Marcos’ family’s original homeland? Marcos had to write a report about his ancestry for his Social Studies class. He included this information: “My family came to this country from an island nation during the twentieth century. They moved for political reasons. My great- grandparents settled in New Orleans.”

23 Cuba score board

24 What two common characteristics define a region?

25 Climate And Landforms score board

26 Which cultural region is MOST CLOSELY associated with this type of architecture?

27 Plantation Country score board

28 In which cultural region would this type of architecture be found?

29 Greater New Orleans score board

30 What conclusions can you draw about the Crossroads Region based on its geographic location?

31 It developed in the center of the state because settlers had access to the Red River, the Ouachita River, and the Mississippi River for commerce and transportation score board

32 What are the five cultural regions of Louisiana?

33 Plantation Country Cajun Country Crossroads Greater New Orleans Sportsman’s Paradise score board

34 Which ethnic group introduced the accordion into Louisiana culture?

35 Germans score board

36 Where is Creole Heritage Celebration Day held each year?

37 Natchitoches Parish score board

38 How are the early German settlers and Isleños different?

39 The early Germans lost their language, but some of the Isleños still speak Spanish score board

40 What is the difference between the ethnic groups Hispanic and Latino?

41 Migration to the United States score board

42 Why would Croatian immigrants from Eastern Europe gravitate toward coastal areas?

43 Croatia is a coastal area score board

44 What is the music style based on African folk music?

45 Gospel Music score board

46 Which cultural category would contain boudin, okra, and jambalaya?

47 Food score board

48 Why are the blues often described as a link to the past?

49 Blues are based on the chants of plantation slaves score board

50 How is Cajun music and Zydeco similar?

51 Both use accordions and sing in French score board

52 Devon and his sister were on vacation. They stopped to eat a crawfish dinner at BOB’s - “HOME OF THE ORIGINAL CRAWFISH BOIL”. In which city were they visiting?

53 Thibodaux score board

54 What is the role of a cultural anthropologist?

55 To identify areas where past and patterns make a region distinct from its surroundings score board

56 What is the meaning of the words “Mardi Gras”?

57 Fat Tuesday score board

58 What is a group of people who share distinct cultural characteristics, such as language and customs?

59 Ethnic Group score board

60 Which Louisiana food is an example of cultural diffusion?

61 jambalaya score board

62 Who is a Creole?

63 A descendant of gens de couleur libre who also has a shared French or Spanish background score board

64 Make your wager on the scoreboard scoreFinal Question

65 How were German immigrants to Louisiana similar to other European immigrants?

66 Most became farmers, and they founded their own churches; however, they mingled with people from other places score board

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