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Antebellum Politics, Commerce, and Culture

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1 Antebellum Politics, Commerce, and Culture
LOUISIANA Wrap-Up Chapter 9 Antebellum Politics, Commerce, and Culture To play the game, go to the next slide and click on a point value to go to a question. To go to final Wrap-Up click on Final Wrap-Up at the bottom of the main screen.

2 Antebellum Politics Antebellum Political Parties Antebellum Economy Slavery Antebellum Agriculture Antebellum Culture And People 100 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 500

3 Final Wrap-Up Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5 Wager Wager Wager

4 What two groups competed for political power in Louisiana for most of the antebellum period?

5 The Creoles and the Americans
board score

6 What antebellum governor is credited for improving levees, roads, and development of railroads in Louisiana?

7 André Bienvenu Roman board score

8 Why did voters in Northern Louisiana want to move the capital away from New Orleans?

9 It was seen as the “Creole Capital”
board score

10 What were the three distinct districts in antebellum New Orleans?

11 The French Quarter-controlled by Creoles
Neighborhoods above Canal Street-controlled by American settlers Downriver from the French Quarter-controlled by working class immigrant groups board score

12 What city served as the Louisiana state capital from 1847 until the Civil War?

13 Baton Rouge board score

14 What were the 3 major antebellum political parties?

15 Democrats, Whigs, and the American Party
board score

16 What were Democrats known as prior to shortening their name?

17 Jacksonian Democrats or Democratic Republicans
board score

18 What party is being described by the following clues:
Small government, common man, universal manhood suffrage

19 Democrats board score

20 What party is being described by the following clues:
voter intimidation, Know Nothings, hostile to immigrants and Catholics

21 The American Party board score

22 What party is being described by the following clues:
Favored banks, government funded projects, sugar tariff

23 Whigs board score

24 Why was New Orleans known as the “Queen City of the South”?

25 New Orleans was the second busiest port in America
board score

26 Planters were dependent on what group of people for financial advice?

27 Factors board score

28 Why were banks critical to the economic success of the antebellum period?

29 Banks loaned money and sold bonds
board score

30 Why was the New Basin Canal so important to transportation?

31 The canal connected Lake Pontchartrain and the interior of New Orleans
board score

32 What impact did the Civil War have on transportation in Louisiana?

33 Most of the railroads were destroyed
board score

34 What percentage of the Louisiana population owned slaves?

35 25% of the population owned slaves
board score

36 What percentage of slaves lived on plantations?

37 52% of all slaves lived on plantations
board score

38 What was the difference between a slave on a large holding and one on a small holding?

39 Slaves on large holdings had specialized jobs, whereas slaves on small holdings could do various jobs. board score

40 Why was slave market season from September-April?

41 Slave market season avoided the summer months due to an increase in disease
board score

42 What happened to slave prices as the anti-slavery movement grew in the North?

43 Slave prices tripled between 1810-1860
board score

44 What were the two major agriculture products grown in antebellum Louisiana?

45 cotton and sugar board score

46 Why was sugar cane grown primarily in southern Louisiana?

47 Sugar cane required a longer growing season
board score

48 How much of all the cotton grown in the United States came from Louisiana ?

49 1/6 of all of the cotton grown in the United States was grown in Louisiana
board score

50 Other than climate, what was the most significant difference between how cotton and sugar cane was grown?

51 Cotton could be grown on smaller farms
Sugar cane was only profitable if grown on a plantation board score

52 What happened to cotton production between 1840-1860?

53 Cotton production doubled
board score

54 How did legislators respond to the growing number of free people of color?

55 Legislators began limiting the freedoms of free people of color
board score

56 What were the two largest immigrant groups in antebellum Louisiana?

57 German and Irish immigrants
board score

58 What killed many of the immigrants that moved into antebellum New Orleans?

59 Yellow Fever outbreaks
board score

60 What was a common complaint of the German and Irish immigrants?

61 Both were criticized for drinking
board score

62 How were many of the slave histories passed down from one generation to the next?

63 Songs and stories board score

64 Make your wager on the scoreboard
Final Wrap-Up Make your wager on the scoreboard Final Question score

65 What were the roles of men and women on plantations?

66 Men were expected to take care of the business;
Women were expected to take care of the house board score

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