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Sarah O’Brien Green Electronics Council February 2009 EPEAT International Expansion 1.

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1 Sarah O’Brien Green Electronics Council February 2009 EPEAT International Expansion 1

2 Eligible Countries 37 E-STAR marketing partner countries – EU, EFTA, Japan, AU/NZ, Taiwan China – national ecolabel organization and Ministry of Environmental Protection - EPEAT promotion in China Brazil/Mexico – strong interest and usage, participating regional manufacturers Country addition process – approved 12/2009 – Singapore added February 2010 2

3 Subscriber can Choose as many or few countries as desired – including US/Canada-only registration – Choose different countries for each product – Add countries after a product is registered, as ability to meet criteria expands Register by country-specific product names/ numbers (under a single model name heading) Fees cover US/Canada region, or “Rest of World” region – additional country or registration does not affect fee Country-specific registry 3

4 23 Required criteria – apply to all countries 5 corporate, 18 product. Must be declared for all countries selected by manufacturer fro registration. 23 Optional criteria may NOT vary by country 22 optional criteria (2 corporate and 21 product) must be declared consistently across all countries 5 Optional criteria MAY vary by country: 5 optional criteria (1 Corporate and 4 Product) may vary by country (2 are information reporting criteria) 4

5 Purchasers can Search registry by country Verify availability of EPEAT rated product in specific geographies See that EPEAT is an international standard and system Resellers can Search registry by country Use and provide product registration information linked to country-specific names/numbers Easily provide EPEAT information throughout a regional sales territory where product names may change by country Country-specific registry 5

6 Country specific registration allows geographically focused verification Verification will be for geographies where products/criteria are declared in the registry Much verification can be done at a distance GEC will obtain products for verification investigation from any eligible country GEC may eventually enlist in-country technical verifiers to assist with verification investigations International Verification 6

7 Can only claim EPEAT “Registered” or “EPEAT Bronze/Silver/Gold” for those countries where product is actually actively registered For broad marketing communications, must clarify that registration applies only in specific geographies and refer to EPEAT website for coverage Purchasers are advised to select only products registered in their geography – to ensure transparency of registration, conformance, verification Stricter Int’l Marketing Guidelines 7

8 Country-specific Registry Details 8

9 No change All 23 required criteria must be met in all countries where product is declared – Takeback criteria ( and must be met in all selected countries, but methods may vary – Recycled packaging content ( may be declared differently by country (regional sourcing) Required Criteria 9

10 Product takeback and recycling and Battery takeback and recycling BOTH criteria are required prerequisites to declaring products in EPEAT but may be met by different methods (mail-in, dropoff, WEEE collection) in different countries Battery takeback description required in declaration Any country where a Subscriber cannot provide both takeback services according to the IEEE 1680 requirements must be removed from the Subscriber’s universe of eligible countries Variation in Takeback Declarations 10

11 2 Corporate Criteria -- 21 Product Criteria Optional criteria –do not have to be declared, BUT – If declared in one country must be declared in all selected countries – If not met in a country, 2 options: that country may be removed or the criterion not declared for any listed countries Optional Criteria that CAN’T vary 11

12 2 Corporate Criteria Third-party certified EMS for design and manufacturing organizations Corporate report based on GRI 21 Product Criteria : Criteria inherent to the product as delivered Toxics elimination, Materials Selection, Design for EOL, Lifecycle Extension, Packaging For all 21 specific criteria, see registry Optional Criteria that CAN’T vary 12

13 1 corporate and 4 product criteria May be declared differently for the same product in different countries Criteria difficult to meet or cost-prohibitive in smaller or less developed countries Those dependent on availability of infrastructure or professional services Intention is to encourage best practices while maintaining flexibility Optional Criteria that MAY Vary 13

14 Optional Criteria that MAY Vary One corporate criterion: Auditing of recycling vendors ( add’l beyond baseline ) (This is part of the Subscriber’s Corporate Declaration) Four product criteria: Renewable energy accessory available Renewable energy accessory standard Provision of take-back program for packaging Documentation of reusable packaging 14

15 Worldwide conformance All 44 criteria that may not vary by country must be met everywhere the product is sold This means these criteria must be met even in countries where EPEAT does not apply, in order for Subscribers to declare them on the EPEAT registry Mostly corporate criteria and criteria inherent to the product itself

16 Contact Sarah O’Brien Outreach and Communications Green Electronics Council/EPEAT +1 802/479-0317 (US – EST) 16

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