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Cultural Heritage in REGional NETworks REGNET Auction System.

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1 Cultural Heritage in REGional NETworks REGNET Auction System

2 3 February 2003 2 Auction System Auction system was build with a purpose to provide clients with the opportunity to bid for different products. Every member of Regnet system can use the specific system and bid on items. Moreover, some clients may apply to the auction administrator in order to obtain the right to display their own items for sale. The administrator has the authority to change users rights and the ability to forbid an item to take part in an auction.

3 3 February 2003 3 …FUNCTIONALITIES OF AUCTION Seeing the lots current lots - The system provides the option to the users to see all current lots, which mean the lots that are in progress. future lots - Also users have the option to see future auctions, which are the auctions that have not started yet up to current date and time.

4 3 February 2003 4 Bid on items If a user wants to bid an item he/she has to choose a specific item that he/she prefers by following the GO link from the currents lots page, in order to move to the next page where he/she should make his/her bids by giving the desirable price in the price field of the form with the lots characteristics. If a user is outbid, or the bid does not meet the seller's reserve price, users are under no obligation to buy. …FUNCTIONALITIES OF AUCTION (1)

5 3 February 2003 5 …FUNCTIONALITIES OF AUCTION (2) PRODUCTS SEARCH The systems searching ability provides the option for a multi-criteria search. These criterions can be the name of the product, its description, category, start and finish auction time, the option to search before, after or at the moment of the appointed date. REGISTER NEW ITEMS TO AUCTION The system gives users the ability to add the items they want and sell them through the auction system.

6 3 February 2003 6 This functionality is available only for registered users who have contacted the administrator of the system and have obtain the necessary permissions. Sellers are obligated to sell an item at the high bid price. The only exception here is reserve price auctions. Moreover, they cannot sell an item to anybody until the end of the auction.If the high bid does not meet sellers reserve price, then they are under no obligation to sell. In all other cases, they are obligated to sell the item to the highest bidder, and deliver the item within the time period specified. …FUNCTIONALITIES OF AUCTION (3)

7 3 February 2003 7 …FUNCTIONALITIES OF AUCTION (4) USERS ITEMS AND BIDS A Registered user following the links Your items and Your Bids has the option to see all the specific information concerning their bids (history table) that they have made and also their items that they have add to the system. CURRENCY CONVERTER USER AGREEMENT

8 3 February 2003 8 PRIVACY POLICY RETURN TO PORTAL ADMINISTRATION PART OF AUCTION With this part of the system the administrator can manage the users and items, add new categories in the system, manage the currency type. Login : admin Password : 123 …FUNCTIONALITIES OF AUCTION (5)

9 3 February 2003 9 FIRST PAGE OF AUCTION

10 3 February 2003 10 CURRENT LOTS

11 3 February 2003 11 FUTURE LOTS

12 3 February 2003 12 BID ON ITEMS

13 3 February 2003 13 SEARCH FOR ITEMS

14 3 February 2003 14 REGISTER NEW ITEMS

15 3 February 2003 15 SEE YOUR STORED ITEMS

16 3 February 2003 16 SEE YOUR BIDS

17 3 February 2003 17 CURRENCY CONVERTER

18 3 February 2003 18 USER AGREEMENT

19 3 February 2003 19 PRIVACY POLICY

20 3 February 2003 20 ADMINISTRATIVE PART

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