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Year 1 : Animal Biology Revision

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1 Year 1 : Animal Biology Revision
The Cell and cell organelles. Cell Division. Tissues. Sense Organs

2 The Cell and cell organelles
2 What are the roles of the following cell organelles : 1. Nucleus 2. Mitochondria 3. Ribosomes 4. Lysosome 5. Cytoplasm 6. Plasma Membrane

3 Cell Division : Mitosis
3 When does mitosis take place ? State the stages of mitosis. Name the stages visible in the above image. How does mitosis affect the diploid number of chromosomes in the cell nucleus ?

4 Cell Division : Meiosis – Crossing over
4 After crossing over the genes for black and brown hair have swopped chromosomes. Wavy coat Straight coat Green eyes Blue eyes Black hair Brown hair When does meiosis take place ? What is the influence of meiosis on the diploid number ? How many times does the cell divide during meiosis ? How many new cells are produced ?

5 Tissues : Epithelial Tissue
5 Lung Alveoli Which type of epithelial tissue forms the walls of the lung alveoli ? How are the lung alveoli adapted for gaseous exchange ?

6 Epithelial Tissue 6 Layer of dividing cells ( Mitosis )
Keratinised cells Cells moving upwards 1 What structure is formed by these cells ? 2. Which type of epithelial tissue ? Layer of dividing cells ( Mitosis )

7 Connective Tissues 7 What is the name of the protein fibre that gives ligaments and tendons great tensile strength? Differentiate between a ligament and a tendon. What is stored by adipose tissue?

8 Nervous Tissue : The Neuron
8 A 1 Which way does the electrical impulse travel in a neuron? 2 Explain the roles of the dendrites, axon, myelin sheath and nodes of Ranvier? 3 Where would you locate the myelin sheath and nodes of Ranvier in Image A ?

9 Muscle Tissue 9 Which three types of muscle are indicated by these images ?

10 Skeleton Axial, Appendicular and the splanchnic skeletons 10
1 Identify the bones which make up the axial and appendicular skeletons. 2 Which bone is part of the splanchnic skeleton, and in which animals ?

11 Sense Organs Echo - location 11
Explain the location and roles of the following eye components : a) sclera b) cornea c) iris d) lens e) aqueous and vitreous humour f) tapetum g) retina h) rods and cones. State three animal species that use echo location. Which extra sense is possessed by pythons and rattlesnakes ?

12 Sense Organs 12 How does the ear of a dog differ from a human ear?
What is the tympanic membrane? What are the ossicles and what is their role?

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