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Liberty English camps (Georgia, 2007-2008)

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1 Liberty English camps (Georgia, 2007-2008)

2 Looking back... The first camp was held in 1993. From 1996-2001 camps took place in Giruliai, Lithuania. Since 2002 on, Trakai have hosted the camps. And finally, first camp in Georgia was in Gonio in 2007, then next summer – Bacuriani. The number of students ranged from 20 (1998) to 70 (2009).

3 A typical student… …is college-age …is from Georgia, Abhasia, Azerbajan, US, Canada, younameit :-) …wants to practice his/her English communication skills …has interest in business, economics, investment, philosophy, libertarianism …has a business idea… …or doesn’t have any of those yet, but wants to get valuable business and economic advice from well-known investment professionals and economic teachers

4 Schedule included: Lectures As an intro and outro of each study day. Topics covered:  Economics (macroeconomics, trade relations and protectionism, immigration, etc.)  Theoretical and practical capitalism  Investment strategies and business development  Philosophy of freedom, and more

5 Schedule included: Small-Group discussions

6 Schedule included: Debates 2 teams, 2 viewpoints, 6 people, 5 minutes per speech, And the audience decided who best made it to their minds and hearts

7 …and an all-star talent show!

8 Besides that: sightseeing

9 … and celebrating freedom!

10 The story continues in 2010, August, 4-11 If you would like to help next year's liberty-studies summer camp, as a teacher, student, or donor, please contact We’ll update you on what’s up and how to join the fun!

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