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Liberty English camps (Georgia, 2007-2008)

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1 Liberty English camps (Georgia, )

2 Looking back... The first camp was held in From camps took place in Giruliai, Lithuania. Since 2002 on, Trakai have hosted the camps. And finally, first camp in Georgia was in Gonio in 2007, then next summer – Bacuriani. The number of students ranged from 20 (1998) to 70 (2009).

3 A typical student… …is college-age …is from Georgia, Abhasia, Azerbajan, US, Canada, younameit :-) …wants to practice his/her English communication skills …has interest in business, economics, investment, philosophy, libertarianism …has a business idea… …or doesn’t have any of those yet, but wants to get valuable business and economic advice from well-known investment professionals and economic teachers

4 Schedule included: Lectures As an intro and outro of each study day. Topics covered:  Economics (macroeconomics, trade relations and protectionism, immigration, etc.)  Theoretical and practical capitalism  Investment strategies and business development  Philosophy of freedom, and more

5 Schedule included: Small-Group discussions

6 Schedule included: Debates 2 teams, 2 viewpoints, 6 people, 5 minutes per speech, And the audience decided who best made it to their minds and hearts

7 …and an all-star talent show!

8 Besides that: sightseeing

9 … and celebrating freedom!

10 The story continues in 2010, August, 4-11 If you would like to help next year's liberty-studies summer camp, as a teacher, student, or donor, please contact We’ll update you on what’s up and how to join the fun!

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