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This Turnaround Will Make You Dizzy… Call EMS!!! Hertford County High Schools First Aid Kit.

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1 This Turnaround Will Make You Dizzy… Call EMS!!! Hertford County High Schools First Aid Kit

2 Presenters Keisha Peele, Assistant Principal Sylvia Wells, Department Chair--Biology Teacher Elenia Riddick, Biology Teacher

3 Session Agenda: Creating and Culture and Atmosphere for Success The Power of Collaboration: Building Relationships and Team Teaching Data, Data, Data and Other Instructional Tools E xplicit, M ulti-sensory, S ystematic Instruction: Help has arrived!! Questions/Concerns/Aha Moments?

4 Creating a Culture and Atmosphere for Success

5 Pieces that make it work: Professional Learning Communities Standard Procedures Relationships Relevance Rigor Celebrating Students and Teachers Instructional Analysis EVAAS Scheduling Students, Parents, Community Right People, Right Places- -Support Vision, Mission, Unity


7 HCHS Steps Toward Success 2006-2007: 35.0% overall composite 2007-2008: 45.2% overall composite 2008-2009: 52.5% overall composite 2009-2010: 80.8% overall composite

8 Building Positive Relationships

9 Speak positive things about members of the group Find strengths for each member of the group Share ideas and find ways not to down a group members ideas Listen Participate in extra-curriculum activities together (field trips) Incorporate best practice strategies from effective members of group

10 What is Team Teaching? Team teaching involves a group of instructors working purposefully, regularly, and cooperatively to help a group of students of any age learn. Teachers together set goals for a course, design a syllabus, prepare individual lesson plans, teach students, and evaluate the results. They share insights, argue with one another, and perhaps even challenge students to decide which approach is better. Read more: Team Teaching –Advantages, Disadvantages – Students, Teachers, Teacher and Single – Teaching.html

11 My Story…

12 Using Data To Drive Instruction



15 Instructional Tools for Teachers Science Summer Conferences DPI Science Representative Co-teaching/Team Teaching Lesson Plans Instructional Analysis

16 Alignment Create Workable Pacing Guide Dissect the Biology Release Test Generate Biology Test Bank Implement Benchmark (2) Develop Weekly Formative Assessments Formulate Unit Tests (5)

17 Students Instructional Tools Charting Students Performance Vocabulary Drills Essential Questions Conferences Tutorial Program Saturday Academy

18 EMS = High Growth Instruction Explicit Multi- Sensory Systematic

19 Test Your EMS Skills: The following are scenarios to test your EMS skills. Take a moment to talk with the members of your table about the best way(s) to deal with these emergency situations.

20 Scenario I Johnnies current achievement is estimated at level 1 with an 8.0 % Level III Achievement Probability. He has low reading and math skills. Johnnie is a very quiet student and often gets looked over by teachers. Describe strategies used to help Johnnie.

21 Scenario II Sarah scored above 85% on the first two tests. She seems disinterested in class and says that the class is boring. She is a high achieving student whos predicted level is Level IV on your subject area test. Discuss strategies to keep Sarah engaged.

22 Scenario III Mrs. Linda Lecture is a veteran teacher with perfect classroom management. Students are always in their seats with desks kept in their neat rows. During a recent district subject area benchmark, 52% of Mrs. Lectures students met standards. Discuss some high-yield instructional strategies that could be used to increase student proficiency to 85 %.

23 Scenario IV Your class just took a unit assessment and 40% of the students mastered unit goals. What are some strategies that you could put in place for the 60% who did not master the unit? What are some artifacts that you could collect to ensure mastery?

24 Scenario V Discuss various ways you could assess the knowledge of your students to ensure that they have met the mastery goal.

25 Thank you for your attention and willingness to hear our story. We are a work in progress, but our determination and tenacity for excellence will keep us working towards 100% in every subject area. Questions? Concerns? Aha Moments?

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