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Mimio Troubleshooting

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1 Mimio Troubleshooting

2 Pen Check battery by pushing in the end of the point.
You will hear a soft electric sound if it is working. Install new batteries (correctly) to solve the problem.

3 Device Setup Install software and follow directions.
Clear off whiteboard (take down decorations and other things that might cause interference) Erase and clean board thoroughly Make sure cables are all attached in proper places Place device in top left corner with at least one hand’s width apart from projection. (you can move the device to other areas – you will need to go to the settings tab to change orientation.

4 Attachment Suction cups – don’t work well
Pull tabs – will leave a residue on the board Magnets – do not fit well – still falls down Suggestion – try not to move the computer or device once it is set up

5 Calibration Click calibrate
Make sure to touch the pen exactly in the middle of the x in the circle – otherwise the pen doesn’t calibrate properly Whether you like it or not the Mimio needs to be calibrated often

6 Other Pen is spotty when writing – you must keep contact with pen and board while writing Unable to calibrate – adjust the surface size for the Mimio device and verify that it is same size as the whiteboard surface Do not expose Mimio device with direct sunlight Some other electrical devices can interfere with your device Do not place anything between the device and whiteboard Don’t forget to update software If all else fails – turn off all devices, uplug everything and begin again

7 Help Mimio setup pdf Mimio user guide pdf

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