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Zoll Monitor Upload Required for all ALS calls where an EKG/12 lead are performed.

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1 Zoll Monitor Upload Required for all ALS calls where an EKG/12 lead are performed

2 Connect the USB cable  The USB cable is located under the top flap and can be accessed by unzipping the cover.  The cable should be connected to the monitor in the back with all of the other cables.  We currently only have 2 cables. When the vehicles are switched around the cable should also be switched.

3 Turn on the monitor  After the call, you need to shut off the monitor and wait a minimum of 10 seconds before turning it on again. (Do not erase the card when prompted at shut off)  While holding the far left soft key, turn the power on. (See image)  Continue to hold the button until the screen comes on.

4 Navigate through the menus  Navigate through the menus by following the images below and on the next slides.

5 Menu Navigation  Make sure to choose your call. It should the on the top of the list.

6 Menu Navigation  Press “Send”

7 Menu Navigation  Last step on the monitor. Choose “RS-232.”

8 emsCharts Mobile  In emsCharts Mobile click on “EKG Import”

9 emsCharts Mobile  Make sure the monitor is ready to upload and click “OK”  After the data uploads the program will “process” the call, which could take a minute depending on how long the monitor was on.

10 emsCharts Mobile  Click on the “case” that you want to import. (There will only be one, unless you choose to upload the whole card). Once the case is highlighted light blue click on “next.” AT THIS POINT BE VERY PATIENT. Sometimes the process “stalls” here. If this happens move the mouse to the bottom of the screen and move it back and forth from “emsCharts” and “Chart 1 (New)” tabs. For some reason this seems to make the process continue.

11 emsCharts Mobile  On this screen you can choose what you want to import into your chart. Some items are checked by default and can be unchecked if you don’t want them. This is good for uploading vitals. Don’t get confused by the list, 90% of it you do not need. After a couple of uploads you will know what you want to choose.

12 emsCharts Mobile  On the next four screens all you need to do is click “OK.”

13 emsCharts Mobile  Now any 12 leads or EKG strips will be shown. You can click on the tabs to view them and check or uncheck the ones you want to import.

14 emsCharts Mobile  If you go to the “activity log” you will be able to view and edit any vitals that you choose to import.

15 emsCharts Mobile  To preview the EKG’s that may have been imported click on the “attachments” tab on the bottom, highlight the item, and click “preview.”

16 emsCharts Website  If you go to page 9 and view the attachments, you will find your EKG imports. It is very important that you DO NOT DELETE the item that is a long string of numbers with “.crd” at the end. This is part of the file that was uploaded and needs to be attached to the chart.

17 Completed  Complete your chart on the website as you always have. Make sure to scan your face sheet and any other pertinent documents. There is no need to scan your ekg’s unless they did not import properly.  Tips:  Press the “recorder” button during the call at sometime to make sure the ekg is recorded.  Don’t try to complete the chart while the monitor is uploading.  Start your upload as soon as you can, so you don’t forget and upload the chart to the website. If this happens you will have to print out copies and scan them.  Leave the upload cable attached to the monitor, they are somewhat fragile  If you have any questions, please direct them to Jason Spencer.

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