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Teacher : Liu Chunling Liu Chunling Please introduce yourself!

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2 Teacher : Liu Chunling Liu Chunling

3 Please introduce yourself!

4 Do you like …? pears strawberries oranges bananas tomatoes broccoli French fries hamburger salad ice cream Does he/she like…?

5 eggs /e/ /æ/ carrots /∂/ Does Jim like carrots? Does Jim like eggs? No,he doesn’t. Yes, he does. What does Jim like? He likes eggs.

6 What does Wang Lan like? Does Wang Lan like tomatoes? No,she doesn’t. Does Wang Lan like apples? Yes, she does. She likes apples and salad. apples /æ/

7 What do I like ? Do you know?

8 chicken /I/ broccoli Does Cindy like broccoli? Does Cindy like chicken? No,she doesn’t. Yes, she does. She likes chicken. What doesn’t Cindy like? She doesn’t like broccoli. What does Cindy like? /I/

9 Listen carefully and find out what Bob and Bill like and dislike. Then draw or in the chart. Bob Bill

10 Questions about Part 3! What does Bob like? What does Bill like? What doesn’t Bob like? What doesn’t Bill like? He likes French fries and ice cream. He doesn’t like strawberries and salad.

11 Report about food survey I like …, A likes…, B likes…, C likes… /u:/

12 Complete the conversation. A: Good morning,Jim. B: ( ), Gina. A: ( )? B: I’m fine,thanks.( )? A:I’m fine, too. Thank you. B: I like pears.( )? A:I like bananas.But my friend,Cindy doesn’t. B:( )? A:Guess!( 猜) B: ( )? A:Yes,she likes apples.You’re clever.( 聪明) B:Thank you.I have some bananas.Let’s have them. A:OK,( ). Good morning How are you And you What do you like What does she like Does she like apples thanks

13 chicken /I/ Does he/she like…? carrots /æ/ eggs /e/ apples Yes,he/she does./ No,he/she doesn’t. What does he/she like ? He/She likes… /∂/ /æ/ Summary

14 1.Gina likes (strawberry). 2.I have two (tomato) on the table. 3. Tom ( like) pears? Yes,he does. 4.Let’s have some French (fry). 5.What does Jim like? He apples. 6.He likes some healthy( 健康的) food like( 像) b, c and so on.( 等等) 7.I like (watch) TV. strawberries tomatoes Does like fries likes roccoli / bananas… arrots / chicken… watching Do exercises

15 Talk about what your family like. A: Food, B: things, C: sports, D: colors and so on. Words:40 Hello,boys and girls! My father likes… Homework


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