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bananas a banana a hamburger hamburgers a tomato tomatoes.

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4 bananas a banana

5 a hamburger hamburgers

6 a tomato tomatoes

7 an orange oranges

8 a strawberry strawberries

9 eggs an egg

10 pears a pear

11 ice cream

12 broccoli French fries salad


14 (Countable nouns) (Uncountable nouns) (Countable and Uncountable nouns) hamburgers, eggs, oranges, bananas, apples,pears, carrots,vegetables, tomatoes, strawberries milk,bread, rice ice cream, salad, chicken, food, fruit

15 1. s. desk- desks 2. s, x, sh, ch es, box- boxes, brush- brushes, match-matches 3. y y i + es. baby- babies. s, boy- boys 4. f/ fe f v+ es. knife- knives 5. o es tomato- tomatoes, potato- potatoes. o s. photophotos

16 . hamburger________ dictionary________ tomato_________ photo_________ key_________ strawberry_______ banana__________ pear_________ orange_________ book_______ leaf________ salad______ ice cream_____ chicken_____ hamburgers dictionariestomatoes photoskeys strawberries bananas pears oranges books leaves salad ice creamchicken

17 1. hamburgers_d__ 2. tomatoes___ 3. broccoli___ 4. French fries___ 5. orange___ 6. ice cream___ 8. bananas___ 7. salad___ 9. strawberries___ g a h e f c b i 1a Match the words with the pictures Section A 10. pears___ j

18 Listen and number the conversations[1-3]. A: Do you like salad B: No, I dont. A: Do you like bananas? B: Yes, I do. A: Do you like oranges? B: Yes, I do b.

19 1C Pairwork( ) B: Yes, I do./No, I dont. A: Do you like…?

20 Does he / she like…? Yes, he / she does. No, he / she doesnt.

21 Does he like hamburgers? Yes, he does.

22 Does he like baseball? No, he doesnt. He doesnt like baseball.

23 Does she like pizza? Yes, she does.

24 Does it like chicken? Yes, it does.

25 Does it like bananas? Yes, it does.

26 Do they like…? Yes, they do. No, they dont.

27 Do they like apples? Yes, they do.

28 Do they like broccoli? No, they dont.

29 Do they like carrots? No, they dont.

30 Do they like cakes? Yes, they do.

31 Group work

32 Boys / Girls

33 2a Listen and circle the food you hear hamburgers tomatoes broccoli French fries oranges ice cream salad bananas

34 broccoli ice cream broccoli 2b.

35 Write some sentences after the models( ) Model: I like strawberries (oranges). I dont like oranges. 1.We like ice cream (salad). 2.They like ping-pong (tennis). 3.You like broccoli (tomatoes). We dont like salad. They dont like tennis. You dont like tomatoes.

36 4.Bob likes French fries (salad). 5.He likes hamburgers (French fries). 6.She likes her sister (brother). 7.Gina likes strawberries (oranges). Bob doesnt like salad. He doesnt like French fries. She doesnt like her brother. Gina doesnt like strawberries

37 This is chicken This is a chicken These are two chicken

38 1.,. 1.I like bananas. 2. She likes oranges. dont like bananas. Do you like bananas ? Yes, I do. No, I dont. She doesnt like oranges. Does she like oranges ? Yes, she does. No, she doesnt. Lets do exercises.

39 1.Do you like ___________( )? 2.I like ___________( )very much. 3.Peter _________(like ) strawberries. 4._________ they _________(like) any ice cream? 5.Sonia ___________(not like ) salad. 6.________he _________(like)tomtoes? hamburgers broccoli likes Do like doesnt like Does like

40 Ask your classmates what they like and dont like. Mike Ben

41 Lets play a game! orange potato banana tomato

42 Lets interview( ),and report his/ her likes and dislikes. A: Good morning! What is your name, please? B: My name is… A: Do you like …? B:… A: What do you like? B:…

43 report His / Her name is…. He / She likes … very much, but he / she doesnt like…



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