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Daily Greetings!.

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1 Daily Greetings!

2 Unit6 Do you like bananas?

3 Let's learn a banana bananas

4 a hamburger hamburgers

5 a tomato tomatoes

6 an orange oranges

7 a strawberry strawberries

8 11 eggs an egg

9 a pear pears

10 ice cream

11 broccoli salad French fries


13 名词按其所表示的事物的性质,可分为可数名词和不可数名词。可数名词有单数、复数的变化;而不可数名词没有单复数的变化。
(Countable nouns) 可数名词 (Uncountable nouns) 不可数名词 (Countable and Uncountable nouns) 单复数同形 hamburgers, eggs, oranges, bananas, apples,pears, carrots,vegetables, tomatoes, strawberries milk,bread, rice ice cream, salad, chicken, food, fruit

14 可数名词单数转化为复数规律: 1.直接在名词末尾加 s. 如: desk- desks 2.以 s, x, sh, ch结尾的加 es, 如: box- boxes, brush- brushes, match-matches 3.以y结尾,前为辅音字母,要变 y 为 i + es. 如: baby- babies. 但前为元因字母时,直接加 s, 如: boy- boys 4.以f/ fe 结尾,要变 f 为 v+ es. 如: knife- knives 5.以 o 结尾的词加es: tomato- tomatoes, potato- potatoes .但以o结尾的外来词或缩写的词,直接加 s. 如: photo—photos 。

15 写出下列单词的复数形式. hamburger________ dictionary________ tomato_________ photo_________ key_________ strawberry_______ banana__________ pear_________ orange_________ book_______ leaf________ salad______ ice cream_____ chicken_____ hamburgers dictionaries tomatoes photos keys strawberries pears bananas books oranges salad leaves ice cream chicken

16 1a Section A 1. hamburgers_d__ g 2. tomatoes___ 3. broccoli___ a
Match the words with the pictures 1. hamburgers_d__ g 2. tomatoes___ 3. broccoli___ a 4. French fries___ h 5. orange___ e 6. ice cream___ f c 7. salad___ 8. bananas___ b 9. strawberries___ i 10. pears___ j

17 Listen and number the conversations[1-3].
A: Do you like salad B: No, I don’t. 2 A: Do you like bananas? B: Yes, I do. 1 A: Do you like oranges? B: Yes, I do. 3

18 1C Pairwork(结对活动) A: Do you like…? B: Yes, I do./No, I don’t.

19 Does he / she like…? Yes, he / she does. No, he / she doesn’t.

20 Does he like hamburgers?
Yes, he does.

21 Does he like baseball? No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t like baseball.

22 Does she like pizza? Yes, she does.

23 Does it like chicken? Yes, it does.

24 Does it like bananas? Yes, it does.

25 Do they like…? Yes, they do. No, they don’t.

26 Do they like apples? Yes, they do.

27 Do they like broccoli? No, they don’t.

28 Do they like carrots? No, they don’t.

29 Do they like cakes? Yes, they do.

30 Group work

31 Boys / Girls

32 2a Listen and circle the food you hear
hamburgers tomatoes broccoli French fries oranges ice cream salad bananas

33 2b. ice cream broccoli ice cream broccoli

34 Write some sentences after the models(仿写句子)。
Model: I like strawberries (oranges).→ I don’t like oranges. 1.We like ice cream (salad). → 2.They like ping-pong (tennis). → 3.You like broccoli (tomatoes). → We don’t like salad. They don’t like tennis. You don’t like tomatoes.

35 4.Bob likes French fries (salad). →
5.He likes hamburgers (French fries). → 6.She likes her sister (brother). → 7.Gina likes strawberries (oranges). → Bob doesn’t like salad. He doesn’t like French fries. She doesn’t like her brother. Gina doesn’t like strawberries

36 12 This is a chicken This is chicken These are two chicken

37 Let’s do exercises. 1.把下列句子变成否定句及一般疑问句,并作肯定和否定回答. 1.I like bananas. 2. She likes oranges. Idon’t like bananas. Do you like bananas ? Yes, I do. No , I don’t. She doesn’t like oranges. Does she like oranges ? Yes, she does. No, she doesn’t.

38 Do you like ___________(汉堡包)? I like ___________(花椰菜)very much.
用所给的词的适当的形式填空。 Do you like ___________(汉堡包)? I like ___________(花椰菜)very much. Peter _________(like ) strawberries. _________ they _________(like) any ice cream? Sonia ___________(not like ) salad. ________he _________(like)tomtoes? hamburgers broccoli likes like Do doesn’t like Does like

39 Ask your classmates what they like and don’t like.
Mike Ben

40 Let’s play a game! tomato orange potato banana

41 Let’s interview(采访) ,and report(做报告) his/ her likes and dislikes.
A: Good morning! What is your name, please? B: My name is… A: Do you like …? B:… A: What do you like?

42 report His / Her name is….
He / She likes … very much, but he / she doesn’t like….

43 Thank you for listening

44 考考你的眼力

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