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food /fu:d/ n. like bananas What do you like? I like….. What does she like? She likes….

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3 food /fu:d/ n.

4 like bananas What do you like? I like….. What does she like? She likes….

5 bananas Does she/he/Jim like bananas/a banana? Yes, he/she does. No, he/she doesn’t. like a banana

6 a strawberry strawberries Do you like strawberries? Yes, I do. No, I don’t.

7 a hamburger hamburgers Do you like hamburgers? Yes, I do. No, I don’t.

8 an egg eggs Yes, I do. No, I don’t. Do you like an egg? I like eggs.

9 a potato potatoes a tomato tomatoes I like tomatoes, but I don’t like potatoes.

10 a carrot carrots French fries 炸马铃薯条 (=French fried potatoes) 薯条 is either called French fries or chips. In America and Canada, they are called French fries. In England they are called chips.

11 salad 沙拉,色拉(冷菜)

12 Yes, I do. No, I don’t. Do you like chicken? I like chicken. chicken 鸡肉 没有复数

13 What do you like? I like bananas and strawberries.

14 I don’t like tomatoes. What don’t you like?

15 don’t like doesn’t like like 喜欢 They/I like bananas She likes hamburgers I don't like tomatoes. She doesn't ike salad. Like likes

16 eggs /e/ /æ/ carrots /∂/ Does Jim like carrots? Does Jim like eggs? No,he doesn’t. Yes, he does. What does Jim like? He likes eggs.

17 Does Wang Lan like tomatoes? No,she doesn’t. Does Wang Lan like apples? Yes, she does. apples /æ/

18 Does Bob like ? : Yes, he does. No, he doesn’t.

19 Do you like …? pears strawberries oranges bananas tomatoes broccoli French fries hamburger salad ice cream Does he/she like…?

20 Report about food survey I like …, A likes…, B likes…, C likes… /u:/

21 chicken /I/ Does he/she like…? carrots /æ/ eggs /e/ apples Yes,he/she does./ No,he/she doesn’t. What does he/she like ? He/She likes… /∂/ /æ/ Summary

22 1.Gina likes (strawberry). 2.I have two (tomato) on the table. 3. Tom ( like) pears? Yes,he does. 4.Let’s have some French (fry). 5.What does Jim like? He apples. 6.He likes some healthy( 健康的) food like( 像) b, c and so on.( 等等) 7.I like (watch) TV. strawberries tomatoes Does like fries likes roccoli / bananas… arrots / chicken… watching Do exercises

23 What does Sandra like for breakfast? How about her lunch? What does she like for dinner? How about her dissert? For breakfast she likes eggs, bananas, and apples. For lunch she likes hamburgers, salad, and oranges. For dinner she likes chicken, tomatoes, French fries. For dessert, she likes ice cream.

24 Exx. Rewrite the words. 1. tomato (复数) 2.fry (复数) 3. strawberry (复数) 4. too ( 同音词) 5.have (单三) 6. she (复数) 7.boring (反义词) 8. no (同音词 ) ( 形容词性物主代词) 10. this (复数) tomatoes fries strawberries two/to has they interesting /fun know your these

25 复数 ) 12.banana( 复数 ) 13. photo( 复数 ) 14. family( 复数 ) 15. bus( 复数 ) 16. watch( 复数 ) 17.woman( 复数 ) 18. child( 复数 ) oranges bananas photos families buses watches women children

26 Translate the phrases. 1. 一个鸡蛋 2. 一些水果 3. 三个胡萝卜 4. an apple 5. some vegetables 6. ice cream an egg some fruits three carrots 一个苹果 一些蔬菜 冰激凌

27 Rewrite the sentences: 1. His brother has lunch at home. 否定句 His brother lunch at home. 2.He likes ice cream very much. 一般疑问 he ice cream very much? 3. She has lunch at school. 划线提问 she lunch? 4. I have a pen and a pencil. 划线提问 you have ? doesn’t have Does like Where does have What do

28 5. Kay likes her new hat. 一般疑问 Kay her new hat? 6. Do they like salad for dinner? 肯否定回答 Yes, No, 7 他喜欢蔬菜吗?是的,他喜欢。 he vegetables ? Yes, Does like they do. they don’t. Does like he does.

29 8. She has two eggs for breakfast.( 一般疑问 ) she two eggs for breakfast? 9. This is a hamburger.( 复数 ) These. 10.We have chicken and eggs for dinner. ( 划线提问 ) you have for dinner? 11. I like salad.( 否定 ) I salad. Does have are hamburgers What do don’t like

30 Talk about what your family like. A: Food, B: things, C: sports, D: colors and so on. Words:40 Hello,boys and girls! My father likes… Homework

31 Thank you!

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