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Presenter Muhammad Tarek Madwar Owner And System Architect

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1 Presenter Muhammad Tarek Madwar Owner And System Architect
Syria: (Viber , WhatsApp) USA: Skype ID : Easyhrsoft Call us for a detailed online meeting to demo all product features…

2 Product Features

3 Multi User Unlimited number of users Unlimited number of employees
Unlimited number of companies Web Application, compatible with Windows ,Mac ,IPad ,IPhone ,Android

4 Main Employee Screen Show helpful details on login screen
User Friendly Simple Menu User Specific Features based on User Writes Switch Between Companies Assigned to current user English Only Or English/Arabic Interface, both options available.

5 Multi Module Administration HR Data Payroll Leave
Continuous Observation Performance Management Employee Training Asset Management Project Time Management Accommodation Recruitment Self-Service Custom Modules …

6 Multi Company Define any number of companies in one group
Company Specific Payroll And Leave Setup and Rules Assign a user to one or more selected companies. Group level sophisticated reports across all companies.

7 Flexible Payroll Options
Unlimited number of payroll elements (Earnings and Deductions) Company Specific Payroll Element Setup Payroll Elements can be a GL Interface Element that is designed only to display in GL Interface report. Ability to assign elements to specific nationality and or employee grade.

8 Easily Define Payroll Elements
Easily define payroll element rules to show application how to calculate. Ability to link elements to each other (Like: Housing = 25% of Basic for example) Define the GL Debit and credit account for GL Interface for each element. Ability to assign currency for each payroll element

9 Flexible Leave Types Define any type of leave, and simply link it to the payroll engine Auto encashment for leave balance on termination. Can change leave rules from time to time on the bases of company policies. Assign Rules on the bases of Employee leave group (Like: Management has deferent rules than staff)

10 Easily Add Leave Rules Very flexible rules setting that accommodates a lot of company policies. Ability to customize application for any special type of link between leave and payroll. Ability to automate some encashment on the bases of rules (Like: Lieu Days) Ability to use a specific calendar for each leave type (Like: Working days for annual leave, and calendar days for sick leave)

11 Export Reports Excel,PDF,Word
All System Reports are Exportable to: Excel PDF Word

12 Detailed Reports Many useful and sophisticated reports that can be demoed in an online meeting

13 Graph Reports Charts varies between clients on the bases of their needs and point of interest. Agreed Customizations can be done to become more client specific.

14 Advanced Notification Service
Easily Setup a notification service for any screen in the product. This will make the system send to specific user, position, employee , employee group (like: HR ,Finance …)

15 Powerful Employee Self-Service
Many features integrated to HR department like: Request a leave Print payroll payslip Get a report of leave balance progress See company policies and announcements. Send any request to HR department Send any request to Line manager Many detail features …

16 Powerful User Auditing
Trace any changes or searches done by any user on system, keep track of old values before change and the new values that was updated, integrated with notification engine to auto send on particular changes in user selected screen like payroll.

17 Our Services Product Demonstration Product Trial (Paid with low risk) Product implementation, includes: Import client data (From Specific Excel Files we provide to you for input) Leave and Payroll Tuning and rules setup Parallel payroll run Live payroll run Customizations on the bases of agreement (Paid). Optional Hosting (On our Shared Server in UK). Kindly contact us for any details you need, and we will be very pleased to assist

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