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Innovations in Mobility Management. A partnership of.

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1 Innovations in Mobility Management

2 A partnership of

3 I nnovations are happening faster and faster...... and quickly affecting our daily lives





8 Sky Cycle

9 Road that charges electric buses?

10 30 lbs vs. 200 lbs

11 "Considering that not only Google, but also automakers, such as Nissan, Audi and Toyota, are intensifying their efforts to develop advanced autonomous-driving technology, it's safe to say that driverless cars could go mainstream in about 10 to 15 years.” Google is confident that it will be able to launch a self-driving car by 2025, and Nissan is even more optimistic, saying that it will bring an autonomous car to the market by 2020."


13 Bringing an Innovative Approach to Mobility Management

14 TCRP Report #97: “Paradigm Shift”: Quality of customer’s experience as the strategic mission of the transportation provider Operational issues are important, but subordinate Quality of the experience is of greater importance to the customer than whose equipment is being used to provide the service Premise for Mobility Management

15 A mobility management approach gives you the flexibility to integrate new developments

16 Managing mobility-related resources to provide maximum access within your community Just What are we Managing? ____________________













29 The Real Mobility Management – so much more than just the trip

30 One-Call Center (Ride Connection)  “Service Center”  Roots: I&R w/whiteboard, paper binders  Coordinated driver training, insurance, vehicle maintenance  1 st active partner: Am. Red Cross (call center, scheduling)  Now over 30 partners “bring them in at their comfort level” archived webinar:

31 One-Call/One-Click Center (OUTREACH, Santa Clara Co., Calif.)  Roots: 1970s, anti-poverty community action agency  Mobility Management Center: over 2 million calls/year  Brokerage w/third-party, volunteer drivers, discount taxi, travel training, HSA transportation, OUTREACH vehicles  “Pay-as-you-Go” accounts (no fare card equipment)  Automated distribution of rider fares from 3d-pty payors/billing to funders  Coordinated eligibility across programs  Employment: car repair, bike-to-work, car seats, gas card, taxi debit cards, bus passes  Emergency management system

32  Began w/dialysis trips; lack of volunteer drivers from rural to small urban  Paid.5 FTE at DHS to coordinate rides  Helped recruit members to local time bank  Averaged 60 rides/month  Loosely organized on neighborhood basis

33 LYNX: Real-Time DR Service  Internet or phone app. interact directly with scheduling system.  Cloud based system, directly query system  Customer queries a specific time, or takes next available  Trips refreshed on driver tablets every 5 sec.. If available, immediate pick-up; if not, add to routing; probably deploy w/1 vehicle w/in 5-sq mile  In simulation, 55% of trips scheduled to arrive w/in 12-min of request  Once dispatched, if app open, can track in real-time  Multi-load if possible

34 Time Bank Dialysis Project  Dane County One-Call Center manages project  Call Center trains Dane County Time Bank (DCTB) staff and dialysis center social workers in Mobility Management principles  DCTB recruits, screens and trains Time Bank members as volunteer drivers  Dialysis center social workers refer clients needing transportation to Call Center  Social workers also refer families who may be interested in ridesharing to Call Center  Call Center coordinates between DCTB, dialysis centers, rideshare families and prospective riders

35 Lane Transit: Point-in-Time Billing RideSource: Call center for ADA paratransit and 10-12 other HSA programs, in 2006 expanded to include Medicaid brokerage  Implemented a random-moment sampling engine to randomly sampling active work hours, factored into admin costs across different programs  For Medicaid: as “business associates” under HIPAA, needed to implement data security with all providers  For Medicaid: identity security of customers (e.g., ask "Excuse me ma'am is this your address?" or "Can I have your address please?" and then validate it? Identity security important especially clients may be vulnerable  Completeness of information back from third party providers

36 MCH, Inc., Rockland, ME  Ltd FR service+ taxi (only option for expanding service)  Negotiated contracts, established coupon program (paper-based)  Set up client accounts on-line, matched client/other contrib. w/ New Freedom (50%)  Added debit/credit card access

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