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Safe at Home Review What did we learn this year?.

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1 Safe at Home Review What did we learn this year?

2 We learned that fire fighters are our friends. Even though they dress funny to keep them safe doing their job, we should never be afraid of them and we should never hide from them

3 We learned that fire is very hot, very dark and travels very fast. It is not like we see on television.

4 We learned about the fire triangle –how all three elements have to be connected to be a fire –how if we take away one side of the triangle, a fire can’t happen Heat Air Fuel

5 We learned about heat sources, fuel sources and oxygen

6 We learned about how good fires can turn into bad fires if we are not careful Campfire? Grill? Forest fire? Fireplace? Cooking fire?

7 We learned that every house should have at least one smoke alarm on their ceiling. It can tell us if there is smoke in our house, even before we can smell it.

8 We learned that everyone should have a home escape plan

9 We should know two ways out of every room in our house

10 We learned that before opening any doors, we should feel them with the back of our hand. If it feels hot, we should use our second exit.

11 We learned that if there is smoke, we should crawl low under the smoke until we are outside.

12 We learned that as we leave our house, we should remember to close the doors behind us to help slow the spread of smoke and give us more time to escape.

13 Once outside, we should go directly to our meeting place outside so we know that everyone is safe. mailbox tree streetlight swingset

14 Remember - if you have a fire in your house, don’t hide. Get out and stay out! Remember - once you are outside, call 9- 1-1 from a cell phone or from a neighbor’s house.

15 We learned that if our clothes catch on fire - we should STOP, DROP and ROLL –Since fire needs oxygen to live, rolling back and forth, over and over will smother the fire

16 We learned that if we have an emergency, like an accident or a fire, we should call 9-1-1. We should be very calm and tell the operator our name, address and what our emergency is.

17 We learned to look for exit signs in our school, and public buildings like restaurants, theaters, malls and hotels.

18 Sometimes the exit signs might not be red - but it means the same thing.

19 And sometimes the exit sign may have an arrow on it - leading us to another exit to the outside.

20 We learned that we should never pull a fire alarm unless there really is a fire. Pulling a fire alarm when there is no fire is against the law. –You could get expelled from school –You could hurt other students, teachers or fire fighters who are coming to help you

21 We learned that there are many things in our homes that are hot or can get hot and can burn us. We should stay away from appliances like toasters; open flames like candles; and hot liquids like coffee

22 We learned that if we do get burned, we should run cool water over the burned area for at least 10 minutes, tell an adult right away, and get medical help if needed. Never put butter or ice on a burn

23 We learned that food from microwaves can be very hot - even though it might not look hot Cool your food before eating it

24 We have learned some very important fire safety lessons this year

25 It is very important to share this information with your family to help keep them safe.

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