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Safe at Home Review What did we learn this year?.

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1 Safe at Home Review What did we learn this year?

2 Heat Air Fuel We learned that it takes heat, fuel and oxygen to make a fire

3 We learned that fire results from a chemical chain reaction between two or more materials –changes the materials, which produces heat, flames and toxic smoke

4 If you remove any one element, you prevent the chemical chain reaction that causes fire Fuel - or something that will burn Oxygen - or the air all around us

5 We learned that the flames are not the most dangerous part of a fire. –Breathing poisonous smoke –Lack of oxygen - causing suffocation

6 We learned that smoke is dangerous because it: –Gets so thick and black that you can’t see can’t find your way out –Can cause irritation when inhaled causes choking and you can’t breathe –Can cause confusion because you can’t see or breathe

7 We also learned that when certain materials in our house burn, they can cause toxic, or poisonous smoke that can be very dangerous. Couches and chairs –fabric treated with stain repellants –wood treated with preservatives Carpet –treated with stain repellants Curtains and blinds –treated with cleaning solvents Stereos and televisions –made with plastics that have chemicals in them

8 We learned that as fire grows, it eats more and more of the oxygen we need to breath –Oxygen makes up about 21% of the air we breathe –We need that 21% to survive –Anything less can harm our bodies –The more a fire grows, the more oxygen it takes and the less we have

9 We learned that an “advocate” is someone who is in favor of something or speaks or writes in support of it, and someone who teachers others about something

10 We can be “advocates” by testing and cleaning our smoke alarms at home and changing the batteries twice every year. We can also be “advocates” by looking for fire hazards in our homes to prevent fires before they happen.

11 What are some other ways we can be “advocates” for fire safety in our homes?

12 We learned what “arson” is and that there are many reasons that people set fire. –to get attention –because you are mad at someone and want to get back at them –because you are curious about fire and what would happen if you burned something –because someone dared you to set a fire

13 We learned that causing a fire to happen, whether intentional or not, can result in tragic consequences, but you are still responsible –someone can get injured or killed –you can go to jail –you can lose special privileges like voting, serving in the armed forces, or not be eligible for certain jobs

14 We learned that it is against the law to: –deliberately set fire to anything house property –cars –clothes –create a false alarm –use or possess any bomb-type device –possess or use fireworks of explosives

15 We learned that being a responsible citizen sometimes means telling an adult about someone you know who plays with fire or explosives.

16 We learned that if you cannot escape your home or other building because fire or smoke is blocking your exit, you can protect yourself until help arrives –cover all cracks and vents with clothing, towels, bedding or duct tape –call 9-1-1 and tell them where you are –if you can’t call 9-1-1, go to the window and signal with a towel or flashlight –if smoke enters the room, stay low until help arrives

17 We learned that fire extinguishers should be used only on small fires that are contained, like in a waste basket, and only if you know how to use it.

18 We learned that each fire extinguisher has a specific purpose and that the label on the extinguisher will tell us what type of fire we can use it on and how long it will last.

19 REMEMBER to take this important information home and share it with your family to help keep them safe.

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