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What we will learn today

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0 Kitchen Fire Safety

1 What we will learn today
We will learn about kitchen fire safety. Cooking is the number one cause of fires and fire related deaths and injuries in the United States. Since you are at the age where you cook more for yourself, it is important to learn about fire safety in your kitchen.

2 We have already learned that:
There are different types of burns and different degrees of burns

3 Do you remember what the different degrees of burns are?
First - causes redness of the skin Second - cause red, blistered skin Third - worst burn and causes white or charred skin What are the six different types of burns?

4 Scald

5 Flame

6 Electrical

7 Sun

8 Contact

9 Chemical

10 Which type of burns do you think would occur most often in the kitchen?
Scald Contact

11 Scald burns that are caused by hot water, steam, or food or liquids from microwaves

12 Contact burns that result from touching hot surfaces such as ovens, toasters, or coffee pots

13 Food and liquids from microwaves can also cause scald and contact burns

14 What are some of the ways you can avoid getting these kinds of burns?
Stay out of the kitchen when mom or dad is cooking if you have little brothers or sisters you can watch them while mom or dad is cooking in the kitchen Never reach for anything on the stove or in the oven you could pull a pan full of hot liquid or food over on yourself or someone else Don’t carry hot liquids around the kitchen you could spill them on someone or even yourself

15 What are some of the ways you can avoid getting these kinds of burns?
Don’t store anything in cupboards above the stove reaching over the stove or climbing on it to reach something could cause a very serious burn injury keep little kids from climbing up to get something Appliance cords should be kept rolled up and not dangling over the edge of the counter little kids could pull an appliance down on themselves or someone else

16 What are some of the ways you can avoid getting these kinds of burns?
Never store grease or oil around a stove or in the oven grease and oil very easily catch on fire

17 If you do get burned, remember to:
Cool the burned area with cool water for at least 10 minutes Tell an adult right away Seek medical treatment, if necessary Never put butter or ice on your burn the doctor will give you something if needed

18 If a fire starts in your kitchen:
Warn others of the fire Get out and stay out Go to your meeting place outside Call once you are outside from a cell phone or a neighbors house

19 Remember - kitchen fires and injuries are
preventable with good fire safety practices

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