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Will there be a job for me?

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1 Will there be a job for me?
A guide to LMI

2 Labour Market Information (LMI)
The current position and likely changes to… The kinds of jobs people do The numbers of people working in a particular industry Variations by geographical area

3 What can cause changes to the Labour Market?
A few clues…. Ask students for ideas. Be as detailed as you want to in explaining this depending on your own background knowledge but very simply… Changes to types of jobs due to technology, consumer behaviour, resources, government policy – and these can also have a knock on effect for consumer behaviour. Eg online shopping has led to less people using the high street – shops close – plus people have felt they have less money to spend due to the recession Eg light house keeper – technology replaced the need for somebody to light the lamp – Geography dictates where they would have worked ( sea/ rocks!) Eg blockbuster stores closing – download films directly, get posted by lovefilm etc so no need to go and collect anymore – technology and change of consumer behaviour Eg mobile internet means internet cafes have had less business – reports for shutting down Eg people shop online for holidays – travel agency shops close Eg Government funding cuts – redundancy in some areas, less new jobs. Government can equally create jobs with their policies eg giving free school meals to first 3 years at school – need for dinner staff, cooks, delivery, school cooker repairers etc Eg Miners – coal runs out/ not economically viable to remove – no need for miners and also geographically determined in the first place Eg weather – bad weather – people may stay at home, good weather – go out, to seaside, buy BBQs etc - creating business for related industries Eg – digital cameras/ phones with cameras – change of need for buying, developing and printing from film for general population – change to industry Eg - an aging population in the UK – products aimed at older people plus need for services to cater for their needs as they age will increase and associated jobs eg health, care etc. Eg – Current baby boom – products and services for babies, parents, and whatever age group they are as they get older. Eg shortage of school places expected – need for more schools and teachers

4 Factors affecting the labour market
Global/ local economy Government policy Advances in technology Changes to population and their needs Geography, weather, natural disasters Changes in consumer behaviour – in isolation or related to the above

5 Finding out about the labour market… … on the National Careers Service Website
For a any particular job – look at job profiles… Click on the green link on slide 7 to bring up the actual page online. This website is a good source of information for anybody whatever their next step.

6 and scroll down to… Check the recommended websites to see what jobs are advertised in your field now and where?

7 Find out some detail about what’s going on in your industry?
And… Find out some detail about what’s going on in your industry? https://nationalcareerss ce/planning/jobprofiles /Pages/privatepracticea ccountant.aspx

8 Also, for what graduate jobs are out there…
This is a particularly good source of information about what graduate jobs are actually out there and the possibilities with different degree subjects. - See link for more detail.

9 If you want to work for a particular organisation, check vacancies on their website Look for ‘careers’, or ‘work with us’ which is often near the bottom of the home page 6E AF19 And for apprenticeships, don’t forget

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