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How L&S Student Academic Affairs Can Help You! Gery Essenmacher, Associate Dean Welcome to the presentation “How L&S Student Academic Affairs Can Help.

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1 How L&S Student Academic Affairs Can Help You! Gery Essenmacher, Associate Dean Welcome to the presentation “How L&S Student Academic Affairs Can Help You!” After you review a slide, click anywhere to advance the presentation. To exit the presentation at any time, press the Escape Key. To go back to a previous slide, press the Backspace Key. Click to begin the presentation. This presentation was given live on February 28, 2013. It was led by Gery Essenmacher, Associate Dean and other staff L&S Student Academic Affairs, and has been modified into this self-paced presentation. It is part of a series of trainings coordinated by L&S Administration, intended to connect L&S faculty and staff with topics and information that may be helpful in their positions. More presentations and information about this series of trainings can be found at

2 The Changing Advising Environment OVERVIEW MIU Effects on Advising Advising throughout L&S – Department Support – Consortium/Alliance Student Academic Affairs – Units and services – Help for L&S Departments

3 MIU Effects on Advising Office of Undergraduate Advising (OUA) established – oversight for campus advisor issues, assessment, training, technology, and CCAS Funded campus-wide PreHealth and PreLaw advising units 9.5 FTE to L&S, 1 FTE to Biology-- impacting 30+ L&S departments, units, or majors The Central Advising office is a new unit, created to provide centralized leadership and coordination for undergraduate advising. PreHealth and PreLaw advising is located in the Middleton building, along with several L&S student services (such as L&S Career Services).

4 MIU Impacted Departments Psychology Physics/Astronomy/ Atmospheric & Oceanic Science/Geoscience/ Environmental Science Pod Economics Historical Humanities Cluster (History, Art History, Classics, History of Science, Jewish Studies, Religious Studies) Geography/Anthropology Pod Theatre/Asian American Pod Cultures of the Word Pod (English, Philosophy, Comp Lit) Social Science Career Coordinator (Political Science, Sociology, International Studies) Communication Arts Language Institute Chican@ & Latin@ Studies Biology SAA Transfer Advisor L&S Career Services Internship Coordinator

5 L&S Resources for Advisors L&S Advisor Consortium – monthly meeting for all L&S and partner advisors L&S Career Alliance – monthly meeting of advisors to strengthen and develop partnerships between L&S departments with L&S Career Services

6 L&S Student Academic Affairs 68 positions – 6 locations Academic & Career Advising Center ACAC (Middleton Bldg) – L&S Academic Advising Services (AAS) – Academic Progress Services (APS) – L&S Career Services (LSCS) Academic Deans’ Services (ADS) Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) Academic Information Management (AIM) L&S Scholarships Office

7 URS – Undergraduate Research Scholars Helps first- and second-year undergraduates get hands-on experience in research working closely with UW faculty and research staff Welcome involvement of faculty and staff 313 Red Gym Phone: 608 890-3696 Website: Email:

8 L&S Academic Deans’ Services Christopher Lee

9 What do we do? Provides accurate and comprehensive information about L&S academic rules & procedures for L&S undergrads, faculty, staff, and other interested parties. Approves and processes thousands of changes to undergraduate registration and records each semester. Makes discretionary decisions regarding the interpretation and implementation of College policy as it relates to individual cases and manages appeals of related concerns. Participates in the development and evolution of L&S College Policy. Provides backup and troubleshooting skills for all L&S situations involving academic policy and records issues. Student and Academic Affairs is also responsible for editing and updating the L&S portion of the Undergraduate Catalog, which is a formal record of many L&S rules and procedures regarding students. Discussions and decisions regarding policy can range from routine requests to situations where a student is facing extraordinary life circumstances. Staff from L&S Academic Dean’s Service are included in committees such as the L&S Curriculum Committee, because of their unique perspective on how academic policies effect students. For example, every grade change for all L&S courses submitted outside of the normal grade submission timeline is reviewed by the office.

10 Who We Are Cheryl Hansen — Head of CHRISTOPHER F LEE — Assistant Dean/Unit TORI RICHARDSON — Assistant Dean/Director of SUSANNE C RIPPLE WELKE — Office LIANE KOSAKI —Assistant SUSAN KOENIG —Assistant Dean

11 Contact Information Location: 110 Ingraham Hall Phone: 608-262-0617 Email: General questions or email an individual directly Website: Fax: 608-262-5093 Academic Dean’s Services provides front-line services for faculty and staff, in addition to students. The department is available to help with any questions regarding L&S student policies, procedures, and services.

12 L&S Academic Advising Services Jo Meier

13 L&S Academic Advising Services Provides academic advising to pre-declared Letters and Science undergraduate students who intend to complete a specific L&S degree and major The work of L&S Academic Advising Services is aligned closely with the goals of the Center for First-Year Experience. Services are targeted towards freshman and first-year transfer students.

14 Contact Information L&S Advising Services Suite 155 Middleton Building Tel: 608-262-5858 Fax: 608-890-3100 Web: L&S Academic Advising Services is located in Middleton Building, along with Career Services, and PreLaw and PreHealth campus advising. We also act as the primary place for faculty and staff to find answers to general advising questions. Please feel free to call or email us!

15 What We Do 1:1 advising appointments with assigned students Freshman Group Advising Sessions SOAR Internal transfer program Prospective student visits for both high school prospects and transfer students (group format only) Walk-In Advising Services for any L&S student who has a question about L&S or University policy, process, or procedure As a team, we provide a gateway for students who are interested in programs in the College of Letters and Science. Our main purpose is to work with students that are interested in – but have not yet declared – a major in L&S. Our advisors are at SOAR, and students are assigned to one of our academic advisors once they’ve attended. That way, students know who to contact if they have additional questions later. In addition to 1:1 advising, we offer group advising sessions that give students basic information about the tools and resources available related to academic advising.

16 Academic Progress Services Rebekah Pryor Par é

17 APS: Mission Support academic progress and degree completion in three ways: 1.Make data-driven recommendations to improve systems, policies & procedures that impede academic progress and degree completion; 2.Develop strategic interventions and academic programming for currently enrolled students that support academic progress; 3.Identify gaps in academic and career advising services across L&S in an effort to improve academic progress for all students Academic Program Services’ (APS) primary focus is on improving students’ time to degree and helping to remove obstacles that prevent students from graduating within a four-year time frame.

18 APS: Initiatives 1.Identify advising gaps in L&S 2.Professional and faculty advisor training and development within L&S (and coordinated with Office of Undergraduate Advising) 3.Senior Graduation Check: week-long, fall and spring terms, coordinated effort of L&S AAS, LSCS, and departments to help students assess readiness for graduation This work is done with an Advisory Board, and includes identifying where students aren’t getting advising services that they need, and why. For example, a semester-long training program is currently being piloted with newly hired advisors. This is an opportunity for seniors to check their graduation status, after they’ve registered for what they believe to be their final courses. It also gives us an opportunity to celebrate these students’ accomplishments!

19 APS: Contact Information Academic Progress Services Rebekah Pryor Paré Assistant Dean & Director 155 Middleton Building 1305 Linden Drive 262-2778

20 L&S Center for Academic Excellence DeVon Wilson

21 The Center for Academic Excellence promotes the values of a liberal arts education and finds new ways for students to make a difference locally, nationally, and globally by partnering with them to make the Wisconsin Experience a reality. Our Mission The Center for Academic Excellence helps students engage in all of the great opportunities we have here at the university.

22 Our guiding principle is to reduce the achievement and time-to-degree completion gaps between targeted underrepresented and majority students by indentifying critical intersections between instruction, advising, and co-curricular opportunities. Guiding Principle

23 Academic Advising High Impact Learning & Academic Enrichment Academic Instruction and Support Leadership Development and Community Engagement THE FOUR PILLARS of CAE The Center for Academic Excellence also provides academic and instructional support. For example, the center has a mentoring program, a summer bridge program that serves as pipelines to majors. The center also works with faculty to incorporate strategies that can close grade gaps. Another pillar of services is helping student develop leadership and build communities. We provide focused, intense advising services for students that have been admitted to L&S. Our two anchor advising programs are Academic Advancement Program and Pathways to Academic Services. We’re also growing other suites of services that provide advising. An example is the Two-Year Conferences, where second- year students have the opportunity to reflect upon how far they have come, and their goals for going forward. Students in the program are required to participate in a high impact learning experience : Undergraduate Research Scholars, FIGS, or a Learning Community (students may choose which one). Research shows that students participating in high impact learning experiences graduate at higher percentages, yet fewer underrepresented students engage in these opportunities. Part of what the Center for Academic Excellence does is connect students to high impact learning experiences.

24 AAP is the Academic Advancement Program, which has been in existence for nearly 50 years. It focuses on the four pillars of the previous slide. The Academy Project identifies students interested in continuing their education beyond a bachelor’s, to graduate studies. The Academy project helps cultivate those students starting early in their time here, to help them develop for graduate school. The Summer Collegiate Experience (also called Summer Bridge) allows students to earn up to 8 credits over the summer, and helps incoming students make a successful transition to college. The cost of tuition, books, and room and board in a residence hall is covered for all participants. The L&S STEM initiative is just beginning. This project looks at how we can better develop a pipeline for underrepresented students in STEM fields. Pathways and Academic Advancement Program are our primary advising services, as mentioned earlier. The center also has Coordinators in these programs that help develop a sense of community for these students.

25 What are M/D Coordinators? “The M/D Coordinators are responsible, in collaboration with other institutional offices, for advancing the objectives set forth in the Institutional Plan 2008. Experienced in race/ethnic policies and practices, the Coordinators bring their expertise to issues that affect the day-to-to and long-term success of Plan 2008.” The following are summarizes the major responsibilities of M/D Coordinators of UW-System Schools and colleges/schools on campuses: Enhancing academic excellence through the recruitment and retention of faculty, staff and students of color and the economically disadvantaged Educating students for a multicultural nation Promoting the analysis and research of race/ethnic diversity Consult Dean on use of 402 Funds M/D coordinators are at all UW System Schools. Because of UW-Madison’s size, we have one at every school or college.

26 How do we help departments? Develop High-touch Advising Strategies Dashboard Development for Indicators of Success Develop Grants for Student Success Graduate School and Professional School Preparation

27 How do you find us? Center for Academic Excellence B-47 Bascom Hall 500 Lincoln Drive Tel: 608-263-5068 Web:

28 Academic Information Management AIM Mike Pflieger

29 AIM Mission Provide accurate curriculum and degree progress information to students, advisers, and stakeholders Supply data & analysis to support academic planning, policy, and curriculum assessment Transform student records and access to information through technology and partnerships Innovate to make efficient use of resources to achieve excellence and adaptability to future needs Provide campus leadership in these areas This is primarily done through the DARS report. Academic Information Management (AIM) is responsible for programming and managing DARS for all L&S majors, certificates, and degrees. DARS reports display students’ degree requirements and tracks their progress through them. For example, Academic Information Management recently transformed the Exception Request process from a paper process to an online system that is integrated with student records.

30 FACTS 300,000 L&S degree audits requested annually 58% by students via Student Center 43% What-If audits (undeclared programs) DARS is Document of Record for L&S programs 7 degree tracks 79 Majors 30 Certificates Available to students off-campus via U.Select Integrating with Course Guide Academic Planner Used for NCAA eligibility reporting Students also use the tool to understand how their completed courses will fit in with a yet-to-be-declared major. This project will allow students to plan several semesters ahead, and validate their choices with the DARS. It will also give the university more information about what courses students plan to take. Many students run the DARS reports on their own, and use them as an advising tool.

31 Current Focus Staffing, budget and physical location DARS-X v 2.0 Analytics for learning outcomes assessment in L&S Breadth (EI) Outreach to Academic Programs/Departments DARS-X is the new online system that is now used to request student exceptions.

32 Curriculum Assessment If you notice errors in your department’s DARS report, or notice that students are routinely requiring exceptions for the same requirement, please contact AIM. There may be a programming solution that will allow requirements to be accurately represented without requiring exceptions!

33 Who We Are Kristi Wallin, USPA Mike Pflieger, Asst Dean/Director

34 Undergraduate Scholarships Alison Rice

35 Scholarships@UW-Madison Partner in creating technology tool Any unit can custom design an application that collects information from students and brings across student data from ISIS Economics, Political Science, Chemistry, Journalism, Physics, Sociology, L&S Honors, Communication Arts are all using site (85% L&S compliance) lists all scholarships Using this tool, any department can create a scholarship application and post it online. Most L&S departments (85%) use this website for scholarships. These departments are just a few examples. Any member of the public can look at the scholarships (no NetID is required). Since making the website public, there has been a 300% increase in scholarship applications for freshmen scholarships.

36 By the numbers Over 60 centralized funds 250 scholarships awarded annually $600,000 in scholarships More than 2,000 applications processed annually 50 staff readers from across campus assist with evaluation

37 Help from Campus Partners Help with encouraging students to apply Provide readers Supply data Participate in processes by serving on reading panels or other committees We are happy to consult with departments about how to let students know about available scholarships.

38 Support Campus Partners Consultations Set-up applications Send completed applications Evaluate applicants Award scholarships Provide reports

39 Undergraduate Scholarships Communicate with Parents and Students Stay on top of trends in admissions and financial aid Work with donors and UW Foundation Stewardship Plan & organize events Inform departments of winners Analyze data Track academic progress

40 Phi Beta Kappa Academic honor society that values depth and breadth in the liberal arts Faculty Committee of PBK members Transcripts of >3.75 personally evaluated Math, Language, Breadth across 2 areas of study Approximately 200 students invited annually Annual induction and banquet

41 L&S Career Services Leslie Kohlberg

42 What we help students to do… Identify where they are in the career development process and identify their next best step. Reflect on their skills, interests, values, personality… Investigate career and internship options Set goals, make decisions and get a “plan of action” Conduct an effective job/internship

43 Career Development Process WHO AM I? (self-assessment) WHAT’S OUT THERE? (career exploration) HOW DO I GET THERE? (job search strategies)

44 Services and Resources Career/internship advising Career counseling: support and encouragement Internships/experiential Learning opportunities Buckynet/ On-campus interviewing Job search tools – Resume/cover letter – Interviewing – Networking Career Fairs, Events/Programs Workshops/Presentations Web/Social Media/On-line resources

45 Value What is the Value of an Internship? A way to gain practical experience and important skills– more desirable by future employers An opportunity to explore careers to make an informed choice A great way to develop a network of professional contacts Build confidence and self-esteem Try out a career on a short term basis

46 L&S Students are Unique! Strengths – Are self-motivated and eager learners – Are culturally-aware, and globally knowledgeable – Possess exceptional communication skills – Are adaptable, and not limited by specialization Challenges – Struggle to articulate, with confidence, the value of their degree and individual accomplishments – May lack career direction – Need to enhance their degree with experience Students can use help with connecting the dots between their academic choices and plans, with their career possibilities and future planning. L&S Career Services can help students make good career decisions by figuring out who they are, what is possible out in the work world, and what might make a good fit..

47 Career Services: Contact Information Suite 205 Wm. S. Middleton Building 608 - 262 – 3921 Internship drop ins: M – F, 12 – 1pm Resume Quick Question drop ins: M – F, 1 – 4pm 45 minute appointments Workshops open to ALL UW students

48 Questions?

49 The following sheet will provide helpful information regarding services available to L&S students, faculty, and staff. 1.L&S Academic & Career Advising Center (ACAC) a. Academic Advising Services Academic advising & associated student services for undeclared students interested in Letters & Science majors Information sessions for prospective L&S students Workshops for internal on-campus transfers in L&S General academic information about the curriculum, policies, and procedures of the College Appropriate referrals to the College and other UW-Madison resources Contact information: Academic & Career Advising Center Academic Advising Services Suite 155 Middleton Building 1305 Linden Drive Tel: 608-262-5858 Fax: 608-890-3100 Web: Office Hours: 7:45 am – 4:30 pm (M-F) Academic Help Line (AHL): 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm (M-F) Walk-in Advising: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm (M-F) b. L&S Career Services Offers a variety of career advising and counseling services for L&S undergraduate and graduate students, as well as alumni up to one year after graduation Helps students in developing a career path, linking employers with highly qualified candidates as well as provides staff and faculty with career resources support for their students Resources include: advising and internship program; resume & cover letter critiques; career information; career fairs and events; Days in the Field and Job Shadow program; BuckyNet, and Interfolio, Inc. Contact Information: L&S Career Services Suite 205 Middleton Building 1305 Linden Drive Tel: 608-262-3921 Fax: 608-262-3922 Web Office Hours: 7:45 am – 4:30 pm (M-F) Tues: Open until 6:00 pm during fall & spring semesters when classes are in session Drop-in Advising Hours: Monday – Friday: 1-4 pm (during the regular academic year) Internship Drop-In Advising Hours: Monday – Friday: noon - 1 pm College of Letters & Science - Student Academic Affairs

50 c. Academic Progress Services Coordinates academic progress and degree completion initiatives in L&S Liaison to faculty and professional advisors Offers L&S advisor training in collaboration with the Office of Undergraduate Advising Coordinates “Senior Grad Check” week in fall and spring semesters Contact information: Academic & Career Advising Center Academic Progress Services Suite 155 Middleton Building 1305 Linden Drive Tel: 608-262-5858 or 608-262-2778 Fax: 608-890-3100 2. L&S Academic Deans’ Services Web services will provide accurate, up-to-date information and the ability to request common exceptions such as residence exceptions The Dean of the Day will be available by phone every afternoon for questions that cannot be answered on the web or through the Academic Help Line (AHL) Individual appointments will be available for students with specific needs and concerns Faculty with questions about academic policies or procedures are encouraged to call an academic dean Contact information: Dean of the Day (by phone only): 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm (M-F); call 608-262-0617 Appointments: Students will be referred to individual appointments when appropriate. Web: Individuals will be directed to the dean of the day via phone during the scheduled hours. In some cases, callers will be redirected to the Academic Help Line (AHL) or another office. Students who walk into Ingraham Hall can initiate contact through the Reception Desk in Suite 110 Ingraham Hall. However, walking in provides no advantage to the student over phoning. There will not be any walk-in dean services. 3. Academic Information Management (AIM) This service provides accurate curriculum audit and degree progress information to students, advisors, and other stakeholders. The purpose of the Degree/Curriculum Audit and Analysis functions is to regulate academic requirements for L&S students, provide students and advisors with degree progress information, leverage the analytical power of the degree audit for academic planning and assessment, and to provide a document of record of L&S degree conferral. The targeted audience for this service is students, faculty, staff, L&S departments and programs, dean’s offices, academic advising services, and the Office of the Registrar. Contact Information: One can gain access to these services through the AIM general number (608-262-2007). Questions about degree audit can be emailed to Appointments and consultation available upon request. College of Letters & Science - Student Academic Affairs

51 4. Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) The Center for Academic Excellence works with students of color, first generation students, and students from diverse backgrounds in promoting the values of a liberal arts education and helping students get the most out of their Wisconsin Experience. The four programs housed under the CAE umbrella are: Academic Advancement Program (AAP) Pathways Student Academic Services Summer Collegiate Experience (SCE) Pre-Law Contact Information: Center for Academic Excellence B-47 Bascom Hall 500 Lincoln Drive Tel: 608-263-5068 Web: Office Hours: 7:45 am – 4:30 pm (M-F) 5. L&S Undergraduate Scholarships L&S Scholarships Office celebrates and awards the diverse talents and achievements through scholarships and need-based aid to provide increased affordability and access to undergraduate students and to improve the undergraduate experience at UW-Madison. Contact Information: Tel: 608-262-4852 Email: Web: 6. Undergraduate Research Scholars The Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URS) assists first- and second-year undergraduate students in obtaining hands-on experience in research or other creative endeavors by working closely with UW faculty and research staff. Contact Information: URS Program 313 Red Gym 716 Langdon Street, Madison, WI 53706 Tel: 608-890-3696 Fax: 608-263-7126 Email: Web: College of Letters & Science - Student Academic Affairs

52 Other services for L&S undergraduate students not a part of L&S Student Academic Affairs: 7. The Center for Pre-Health Advising (housed under the Provost Office) The Center for Pre-Health Advising works with students across campus who are interested in applying to health professions programs after they complete an undergraduate degree. Students can come to walk-in advising for quick questions or 45 minute appointments for longer conversations. Contact Information: Please refer students to website for location and appointment information Tel: 608-263-6614 8. The Center for Pre-Law Advising (housed under the Provost Office) The Center for Pre-Law Advising works with students across campus who are interested in applying to law schools, intending to apply to law school in the future, or wondering whether a career in law might be the right path for them. Contact Information: 168 Middleton Building Tel: 608-890-4929 Web: 9. Cross-College Advising Service (CCAS) (housed under the Provost Office) Services for students who are considering many different academic areas and/or majors Appropriate for students who have no idea of what they wish to major in and are not sure how to start making this decision. Ideal for a student who has a few majors that are in different Schools and Colleges on the UW-Madison campus. Contact Information: 10 Ingraham Hall Tel: 608-264-CCAS (2227) or 608-265-5460 Fax: 608-265-5823 Email: Web: College of Letters & Science - Student Academic Affairs

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