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1 SUBJECT DATABASES ENGLISH 115 Hudson Valley Community College Marvin Library Learning Commons.

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1 1 SUBJECT DATABASES ENGLISH 115 Hudson Valley Community College Marvin Library Learning Commons

2 2 Hudson Valley Community College Marvin Library Web Page While the library has some journals available in print, many of the articles you need will be found using the Research Databases & Articles tab. Databases provide access to material that may not be freely available on the web.

3 3 Hudson Valley Community College Marvin Library Web Page Subject databases contain articles within a specific field. To narrow search results to a certain field, choose a database by subject or from the A to Z list. View descriptions to find out more. subject databases

4 Database Descriptions:

5 A Few Of Our Research Databases: These databases will be covered in this session: CQ Researcher Gale Virtual Reference Library Health Reference Center Academic JSTOR Literature Resource Center New York Times Historical Newspapers PsycARTICLES/Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection Science Direct

6 CQ Researcher Online: CQ Researcher Online provides research on subjects that affect the U. S. CQ stands for Congressional Quarterly and includes charts, chronologies, statistics, experts, etc on a particular topic. Browse Hot Topics or use the Search box.

7 The Full Report provides an overview, expert opinions, a chronology, and all kinds of maps, charts and graphs. Their bibliographies will often lead you to more great sources. Note the CiteNow feature. CQ Researcher Online:

8 Gale Virtual Reference Library: If you need reliable information from reference sources, try Gale Virtual Reference Library. This database contains authoritative texts on people and time periods. Use the search box at the top or enter your keywords in Advanced Search.

9 Here are the results for a search on Oprah Winfrey. Search within results, ask for results with images or limit your search by document type, publication title, subjects, etc. Gale Virtual Reference Library:

10 The words you searched appear in red. Note the print, email, download and citation tools at the top. You have a choice of MLA or APA citation styles. Gale Virtual Reference Library:

11 Health Reference Center Academic : Health Reference Center Academic and Health Source— Consumer Education are reliable medical databases. that are for medical professionals and laypeople. Change the dropdown to Subject for a search on Lyme disease.

12 Your Results list academic journals, magazines, books, news. etc. Search within the results, and/or limit to full text, peer reviewed or documents with images. Health Reference Center Academic :

13 Look for articles created by medical professionals and reputable institutions. Tools to View PDF pages, Print, Email, Download and Citation Tools are in the box on the right. Health Reference Center Academic :

14 JSTOR JSTOR is a huge database of scholarly journal articles and books from a variety of disciplines. Enter your keywords in Search or try their Beta Search. JSTOR does not have a Citation Tool so be prepared to create the citation.

15 Note the number or results and types of formats. Note that some articles are reviews. For this assignment, you don’t want reviews. Select the article title to preview page 1.. JSTOR

16 To retrieve the entire article, click on View PDF and Accept JSTOR's Terms and Conditions and proceed to PDF. It may take a moment to open. JSTOR provides the citation information but does not provide the citation. JSTOR

17 Literature Resource Center: For research on an author or literary work, go right to the Literature Resource Center. Search by Keyword, Name of Work or Person By or About.

18 Narrow your results on the left. Note the tabs break down your results. The tool box will be on the right hand to print, email, save, or cite. Literature Resource Center:

19 NEW YORK TIMES-- HISTORICAL NEWSPAPERS : This database goes back to 1851. Read news reports of Lincoln’s assassination or the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Enter your keywords and change the dropdown to abstract or title. Narrow by date range and select document type.

20 Note the number or results. Browse results and you’ll be amazed at what you find. Don’t hesitate to modify search to narrow your results. NEW YORK TIMES-- HISTORICAL NEWSPAPERS:

21 Note the Save, Email, Print to fit and Cite options. On the screen you see the article magnified. Printing often means a reduction in font size that makes the article difficult to read. NEW YORK TIMES-- HISTORICAL NEWSPAPERS:

22 Research in psychology uses PsycARTICLES and/or the Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Database. To search them both, click on Choose Databases. PsycARTICLES :

23 A search on social media OR cell* phones AND anxiety yields 29 results. To narrow the search, change the dropdown to Subject or Title. Options include: full text, scholarly journal articles and limit by date. PsycARTICLES :

24 Browse through the results or broaden/narrow the search. Look for the terminology that will get the right results. If full text is available, pull up the PDF and use the tools to Print, Email, Save and Cite. PsycARTICLES :

25 Science Direct : Science Direct is a huge database that provides journal articles and books on scientific topics. Use the search box or browse publication by subject. Science Direct does not have a citation tool.

26 Results may supply the full text (see PDF) or just the abstract. You need the full text of an article to use it in your annotated bibliography. Science Direct :

27 To print or save file, Download PDF. Note that the list on your right, Recommended Articles, may lead you to similar articles on your topic. Science Direct :

28 For this Session: Take Subject Databases quiz. Complete Database Exercise 3. Find 3 articles from the subject databases that work for your topic. Try to reduce your search results to less than 50 so you don’t spend hours sifting through things you don’t need. Each database has its own quirks. Correct project draft 2, add the three annotated citations for you subject database articles (keeping everything in alphabetical order) and submit.

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