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Managing Difficult People

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1 Managing Difficult People
Triya Chakraborty

2 Agenda Introduction Project Life Cycle Project Metrics Success Factors
Difficult People Soft Skills Project Processes

3 Project Life Cycle Concept Planning Execution Closure

4 Metrics for Project Success
Deliverables Dollars Dates Decisions & Deviations Deployment Documentation

5 Success Factors Prioritization Ownership Clarity Commitment Capability
Control Communications Roles & Responsibilities Escalation

6 Difficult People Roles - Stakeholders, Team members, Vendors, Users
Levels - Senior Managers, Developers, Admin, Peers Degrees of Difficulty

7 Dealing with Difficult People - Soft Skills
Don’t make it personal Don’t take it personally Don’t try to ‘fix’ the person Don’t assign blame Refrain from ‘he said she said’ Listen Manage ‘people’ Manage yourself

8 Dealing with Difficult People - Soft Skills cont’d
Create ad hoc informal Teams Timeliness Tact Thoroughness Target your audience Don’t make assumptions

9 Dealing with Difficult People - Using Project Processes
Communications Commitment Document Use the Power of Metrics Use Power of Processes Use Power of Project Control

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