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Day Five.  Activity Generation Basics  Child Safe Overview.

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1 Day Five

2  Activity Generation Basics  Child Safe Overview

3 Activity Generation Basics

4  Activity in the field is key to success  An appointment is booked at 3 main times:  At a drop-by  In a home as a ‘rolled referral’  During call-night

5  Drop-by  A drop-by is simply an attempt to book an appointment.  The only difference is you’re doing this from the client’s front door.  This tends to have a much higher success rate of booking an appointment. People are friendlier face-to-face and tend to remember face-to-face interactions more than over the phone conversations.

6  Drop-bys can be done on any lead you have that has an address:  Child Safe  Referrals  ADP Renewals  Existing Clients  Cancer Riders  Etc.

7  A good practice is to have 20 drop-bys already prepared, pre-planned, and mapped out before hitting the field.  While in the field, no show appointments and any scheduling gaps should immediately be filled by doing drop-bys.  It’s good to always appear busy even when doing drop-bys. One way to do this is to say something like, “I was just passing by on my way to another appointment but wanted to stop by real quick…”  If the client isn’t home, always find a good time to come back and verify any phone numbers you have. Any information you get will help you book the appointment!

8  A ‘Rolled Referral’ is a referral booked from the house in which it was received in.  This can be done a number of ways:  At the end of Referral Collection, ask the client to send a text message to everyone they just referred letting them know what they have done.  Now, during the presentation, someone will inevitably call and ask what the text was about.  At that point, ask if you can speak to the person on the phone and book the appointment right there.

9  Another way to ‘roll a referral’ is to simply ask, “Jim, out of everyone you referred today, who do you think needs this the most?” “Great, my schedule is very busy, but I don’t want to miss someone who could really use what we have, so do you mind giving them a call real quick and let’s see if I can find a time to drop this off to them as well?”

10  Another method of field-based activity generation is called the ‘2 x 2’ method.  A ‘2 x 2’ is very simple:  Call 2 numbers before going into a home and call 2 right after leaving a home.  Another method is called the ‘T-Canvass.’  This can be very effective on drop-bys where the person is not home or does not live there anymore. ▪ Simply go to the house to the left, the right, and across the street, creating a ‘T’. You can gather information on the person you’re looking for, or even book an appointment with a neighbor.

11  Creating ‘pre-set’ Appointments  The purpose of the previous methods is to create a pre-set appointment. A pre-set is an appointment booked before Call Clinic booking session.  You will only be able to book a certain number of appointments each call night. If you rely too heavily on Call Clinic, your activity and production will be too low.  A general rule of thumb is to have a minimum 50% of appointments needed already pre-set before Call Clinic begins.

12  The key is to be in a Perpetual State of Activity.  Activity creates a presentation, a presentation creates a sale, a sale creates AP.  You cannot directly manage or create AP, but you can influence AP by directly managing what creates AP.

13 Presentation Appointment Activity Generation Think of activity like a dart board. AP lives in the bulls-eye, but you don’t know where. Each outer ring influences the rings inside it. You want to hit the bulls-eye as many times as possible, meaning present as many times in a week as possible! But, the only way you can achieve that is by having a very high number of appointments and a lot of activity generation in the field.

14 Child Safe Overview

15 The Child Safe Kit is a no-cost introductory offer, which at this point, you’re already familiar with. While it’s a great no- cost benefit to a client, it’s also a great lead resource to an Agent.

16  A Child Safe presentation is simply a presentation where the initial purpose for booking the appointment is to deliver the Child Safe Kit.  A Child Safe presentation comes from 3 main lead sources:  Child Safe referrals from a presentation  Child Safe leads from a Child Safe box  Child Safe leads from a Child Safe event

17  Any presentation will create Child Safe leads through referrals.  Even if you’re presenting to a family who doesn’t have kids, they surely know someone who does.  Grandparents are a great place to also get Child Safe leads. You can get referrals for their children who have children and also others they know who have grandchildren.

18  Child Safe boxes, when placed right, will generate on average 1 lead every two weeks.  The key is volume. 20 boxes placed will generate 40 leads a month.  Place boxes in places you see parents at, such as:  Day Cares  Dry Cleaners  Dentist Offices  Pediatricians  Gyms  Dance Studios  Family Restaurants  Etc.

19  A Child Safe event is a public event where a group of Agents or Managers have a booth and advertise the Child Safe Kit.  The idea is to have parents fill out Child Safe request cards and use those as leads for activity.  Fairs, festivals, kids-fests, music festivals, carnivals, pumpkin patches, and many more places like these are great for Child Safe events.  Check in your local area for events coming up in the next 3 - 6 months to spot possible Child Safe event ideas.

20  Once you have leads and have booked an appointment, the presentation itself is very similar to any other presentation.  The key is to emphasize from the beginning that you’re there for more than just the Child Safe Kit. By being upfront, clients will be receptive to other offers.

21 This is about the Child Safe Kit you requested at ______ (or were referred to receive by____). Are you very familiar with how the Child Safe Program works? Well, then let me start from the beginning and tell you what it’s all about. Again, the name of our company is Liberty National Life Insurance Company and we have been providing benefits to America’s working families for more than 100 years. Liberty National also works with schools, child care facilities, and youth organizations to provide our no-cost Child Safe Kits throughout the community. The Child Safe Kits are endorsed by the International Union of Police Associations, the American Federation of School Administrators, and the American Federation of Teachers. The Child Safe Program is a very exciting program that helps families throughout the community. The program actually has 3 parts. First and foremost, I will give you your No-Cost Child Safe Kits. After that, you’re able to receive additional benefits at no- cost as a way of saying thank you for seeing us today. Then, I will show you additional supplemental insurance benefits you may be able to qualify for. The worst day in a parent’s life is the day something happens to their child, but the worst day in a child’s life is the day something happens to their parents. These benefits have a lot of people excited to be able to get access to them because they offer the possibility of complete family protection.

22  A great thing about Child Safe is it’s endorsed by the International Union of Police Associates.  Many local and regional police unions and associations are members of this group as well.  A 3 rd party endorsement, especially from a police organization is key to building credibility in you, the Agent, and Liberty National.

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