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3rd Grade Curriculum Night

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1 3rd Grade Curriculum Night
3A - Miss Murphy 3B - Mrs. Worley 3C - Mrs. Reid 3D - Mrs. Danby

2 Students dismissed to classrooms from gym
3rd Grade Schedule 7:40-7:50 Students dismissed to classrooms from gym 7:50-8:00 Morning Work - Journal 8:00-9:30 Math 9:30-9:45 Snack and Restroom Break 9:45-10:30 Science/Social Studies 10:30-11:20 Specials 11:20-11:55 Recess and Restroom Break 11:55-12:25 Lunch 12:25-2:45 English Language Arts 2:45-3:00 Pack up and Reflection, Reminders, and Read Aloud 3:00-3:05 Dismiss

3 3rd Grade Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
You can access the state standards by visiting the Texas Education Agency website at… Then choose Curriculum, Curriculum Standards/TEKS, TEKS by grade level, and Grade 3.

4 What will my child learn this year in Reading?
We will have a balanced literacy classroom that will include: *Daily 5 and CAFE * Reading Aloud (student & teacher) * Independent Reading * Choral Reading * Shared Reading * Fluency and Expression * Readers Theatre * Guided Reading * Written and Oral responses * STAAR test-taking strategies(State Of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness)

5 What will my child learn this year in Writing?
Daily journal writing Write From the Beginning and Beyond Thinking Maps for organization of writing That they CAN be successful in writing!

6 What will my child learn this year in Word Study?
Words Their Way Weekly spelling lists that follow a phonetic pattern Word sorts and word work Applying spelling in our daily writing Assessments as needed

7 What will my child learn this year in Social Studies?
History Geography-Map Skills and Landforms Economics Government-Local, State, and National Citizenship Culture Science, Technology, and Society Time for Kids magazine Atlas Work PBL Social Studies

8 What will my child learn this year in Math?
Number, Operation, Quantitative Reasoning -Addition -Money -Subtraction -Fractions -Multiplication -Rounding -Division Patterns, Relationships, and Algebraic Thinking -geometric patterns -patterns in a table Geometry and Spatial Reasoning -two and three dimensional figures -congruency and symmetry Measurement -length -area -perimeter -weight/mass -volume/capacity -time -temperature Probability and Statistics -data -graphs Processes and Tools -problem solving -using math tools -justify why an answer is reasonable

9 How will we learn in Math?
Go Math curriculum usage with an emphasis on the thought process Small Group, Independent work, and Teacher/student conferencing Math Spiral: lessons and vocabulary Math warm up work

10 What will my child learn this year in Science?
Most lessons are hands-on, student-centered learning FOSS Kits (Full Option Science Systems) Project Based Learning - PBL Lab Safety and Tools Scientific Method Life Science (animals & plants) Earth Science (water & space) Physical Science (matter & energy)

11 How will we learn in Science?
-Experimentation -Observation -Classification -Inquiry 60% of our science instructional time is hands on. Science Notebooks will be used as learning and assessment tools.

12 Third graders will be taking the MAP tests for
Measures of Academic Progress Third graders will be taking the MAP tests for reading, math, and science at the beginning, middle and end of the year.

13 What is Project Based Learning?
PBL What is Project Based Learning? Project-Based Learning (PBL) Project-Based Learning promotes authentic and relevant learning experiences through standards based instruction. Students learn how to become critical thinkers, informed researchers, effective communicators, group collaborators, and informed decision makers while creating an authentic product. Our third grade learners will participate in several projects throughout the school year. The future ready outcomes, otherwise known as interpersonal skills, that will be assessed during our PBL projects are Communication, Collaboration, and Behavior & Responsibility. For more information about PBL, please visit our school website at

14 How do teachers and parents Communicate daily?
Gold Take Home Folder -check each day for homework, notes, papers to keep at home. Please remove & review all papers. Blue Planner -initial or sign to show you have reviewed your child’s school behavior and homework, DAILY!

15 How will my child keep track of their homework and behavior?
Homework will be recorded by your child in his/her blue planner, when it is assigned. Students will receive a “star”, sticker, or stamp each day if they had excellent behavior. If your child made a bad choice, you will see a note from the teacher. Please discuss behavior then sign or initial the planner daily.

16 What are my child’s behavior expectations?
VRE School Rules: 1. Respect yourself 2. Respect others 3. Respect school property

17 Expectations Outside the Classroom!
Recess Hands to yourself – NO touching Lunch First 15 minutes are SILENT Good table manners Be respectful and responsible Clean-up silently Restrooms Good choices and silent during restroom breaks Hallways HALLS – ask your third grader about “HALLS”

18 What are my child’s homework expectations?
It is very important that your child completes homework, when it is assigned. It provides them with needed practice of the skills they are learning in class and helps students learn responsibility. Homework that is not turned in the day it is due, will be turned in late with consequences or completed during recess.

19 What is homework like in 3rd Grade?
Possible Homework Assignments -Reading (Must be done daily) -Math (Must be done daily) -Science -Social Studies -and/or incomplete class work *Homework is not given every night in every subject! You must check the planner daily for homework assignments. Remember, students are responsible for recording homework assignments!

20 How will I know what is going on in my child’s classroom?
Weekly Newsletter Posted on teacher’s website Online at The weekly newsletter will include dates to remember, our week preview, test information, class supplies needed, and other communications that you need to be aware of. Please read the newsletter each Monday with your child

21 How will my child be graded this year?
Standards-Based Report Card Standards Descriptor  Grading Code Mastered Standards MS Approaching Standards AS Insufficient Progress on Standards IPS Not Assessed N/A

22 SBRC Video Please follow the links below to view the Coppell ISD videos about standards based report cards. Explanation of SBRC #1 Explanation of SBRC #2

23 Arrival and Departure Students may arrive in gym at 7:30 a.m.
**Reminder…Parents must walk students into the office who arrive at 7:50 a.m. or later. Students are dismissed at 3:05 p.m. If your child will be going home a different way, make sure your child knows in the morning. Only send an if needed. Parent pick up is in the loop by the cafeteria. Please follow directions of teachers on duty. **Reminder…NO CELL PHONES in SCHOOL ZONES!!!

24 What if my child is absent?
If your child is absent, please notify the school by phone and the teacher by as soon as possible! Your child’s absence is unexcused until a hand written note is turned in within two days following the absence. All requests for preplanned absences must be approved in writing by the office prior to leaving.

Visiting VRE You must use the front door only You have to sign in at the office as soon as you arrive. You will receive a visitor badge. Please wear it so it can be seen by all. You may be escorted to the office if no badge is visible. Please remember to sign out in the office when you leave. THIS IS FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL CHILDREN!

26 Volunteers All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Background Check each new school year. This includes field trip chaperones and any volunteering at the school. Please complete this NOW if you think you may be interested in working with students in any way this year. Please access the form at

27 Snack and Water One healthy snack (no chips, cookies, or sweets) may be sent for snack time each day. Do not pack it in the lunch box. Water bottles are highly recommended each day…please label with first and last name and class (3A, 3B, 3C, 3D) Water only, please, in the classrooms.

28 How will I celebrate my child’s birthday?
In third grade we will celebrate birthdays at the end of each month. Birthday celebrations will be in the classroom with a song and special activity. Please do not send any treats with your child for their birthday. You are welcome to come eat lunch with your child on their birthday!

VRE PTO Get connected with our wonderful Parent Teacher Organization by visiting their new site… Please JOIN to get lots of important information about VRE!! Be sure you are receiving the Ranch Roundup Newsletter. to receive this great communication piece – JOIN the PTO!!

30 How can I get in touch with the teachers?
s Conference Days Monday, Tuesday, Friday, 10:30-11:20 -By appointment only

31 Thank you so much for coming
Thank you so much for coming! Please any questions you may have to your child’s teacher.

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