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Present Progressive Spanish 1.

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1 Present Progressive Spanish 1

2 Trabajo de timbre Traduzcan. 1. I need to brush my teeth!
2. After eating, I take a bath! 3. She can get ready fast.

3 Present Progressive Present progressive allows you to say what is happing right now. it’s the -ing form in English Ejemplo: I am running. You are talking.

4 Present Progressive conjugation of estar + present participle.
Ejemplo: Estoy hablando.

5 Estar estoy estamos estás estáis está están

6 -AR Present Participles
1. take off -AR 2. add -ando hablar hablando (talking)

7 -ER and -IR Present Participles
1. take off -ER or -IR 2. add -iendo comer comiendo (eating) escribir escribiendo (writing)

8 Irregulars When the stem of an an -er or -ir verbs ends in a vowel, form the present participle by changing the i to y in the -iendo form (-yendo). Some examples would be leer and traer. Estamos leyendo. We are reading. Estamos trayendo la comida. We are bringing the food.

9 Irregulares Some irregular ir stem-changers will have a stem-change.
dormir- durmiendo- sleeping pedir- pidiendo- asking servir- sirviendo- serving

10 Er and Ar Stem-Changers
ER and AR stem-changers won’t stem- change in their participles. Almorzar- almorzando Volver- volviendo

11 Ir and venir Ir and venir are rarely used with present progressive.
Voy a la biblioteca. I go to the library. I am going to the library

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