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Present progressive tense

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1 Present progressive tense
To be + present participle

2 In English The present progressive tense is used to say that something is happening now. You make it by using a form of to be with a verb that ends in –ing, called a present participle They are singing I am buying What are you eating?

3 In Spanish Use the present tense of the verb estar + the present participle to form the present progressive.

4 How do I form a present participle?
To make a present participle, 1. drop the end of the infinitive 2. add –ando for ar verbs or –iendo for er/ir verbs. comprar comprando Comer comiendo Vender vendiendo

5 For example I am selling the car Yo form of estar + present participle of vender Estoy vendiendo el coche. He is buying cookies. Él está comprando galletas.

6 With reflexive pronouns
Reflexive pronouns can be placed either before the conjugated form of estar or attached to the end of the present participle. I am getting ready Estoy arreglándome or Me estoy arreglando

7 Spelling changes When the stem of an er/ir verb ends in a vowel change the –iendo to –yendo Leer-leyendo Traer-trayendo Some –ir verbs change vowels in the stem of the present participle form Dormir-durmiendo Decir-diciendo

8 Fill in the correct present participle
Yo estoy _____________ (hablar) Nosotros estamos ______________(cantar) Él está ______________(comer) Ellos están _________( correr) Yo estoy ___________(escuchar)

9 Form the present progressive (estar + present participle)
I am getting up He is taking a shower We are getting ready The children are brushing their teeth

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