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3.6 Multimedia/Digital Media Components (Audio and Video) by Francisco Oliveira.

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1 3.6 Multimedia/Digital Media Components (Audio and Video) by Francisco Oliveira

2 Audio

3 Podcasts A podcast is a series of digital media files that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication.

4 Audio Editing Software In Music, Audio editing is the process of taking recorded sound and changing it directly on the recording medium.

5 Examples Of Audio Editing Software Audacity Wavosaur DJ Audio Editor

6 Audacity This is an open source audio editor that is multiplatform. It is free and has an excelent set of tools making it one of the most popular audio editors. It is compatible with various file formats, it can record live audio and can also convert file formats.


8 Wavosaur This is a free audio editor and recorder and can only run on microsoft operating systems. It, like Audacity, can run almost any file format and also has a good set of tools.

9 DJ Audio Editor This is a more simple editor. It can only run basic MP3 files and has only very basic, simplistic Tools. It has a clean layout.

10 MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface enables Electronic musical instruments and computers To communicate and exchange data.

11 MP3 This is the most popular audio format. This Format eliminates portions of the file that are Inaudible. This allows for a compression of About 1/10 of the original size.

12 MP4 This format is very similar to the MP3 with the Main difference being that this format can also Support other media such as video.

13 WAV This format is commonly used to store Uncompressed, CD-quality files. This means they Are quite large files (Around 10MB per minute of music). If the file is encoded with various Codecs its size would decrease.

14 Video

15 Video Editing software Video editing can also be called Non Linear Editing (NLE), and is an application software That Enables people to edit videos on a computer.

16 Vidcasts Vidcasts are short for video podcasts. This Describes the online delivery videos on demand, Similarly to podcasts.

17 Special Effects The illusions used in films, television and Theatres Used to simulate the imagined events in a story are called Special effects. These Effects can either be done on the computer or mechanically


19 AVI Audio Video Interleave stores data that can be Encoded with several different codecs, and can Contain both video and audio data.

20 MPEG This is the most common format, like the AVI Format, can support both video and audio data. The audio and video tracks are compressed Separately: Video – MPEG-4 video encoding Audio – AAC compression

21 Video codecs A video codec is a software that enables video Compression and decompression for digital Video.

22 MOV This is the QuickTime format. This is often used On the internet, for saving movie and video files. This format contains several tracks, containing Video, audio, text or effects.

23 The End

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