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Parent Presentation. How are smart children different from other kids?

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1 Parent Presentation

2 How are smart children different from other kids?

3 Smartness is not only in the genes. Smartness can be developed by training. Smart Kids have Better Learning Ability. Smart Kids

4 What is learning ability?  Ability to learn and understand anything new  Apply the learning in day-to-day situation Improved Learning Ability SMARTER KID Confidence Concentration Observation & Listening Logical Thinking Speed Reading & Writing Memory Retention & Recall –Visual memory

5 SIP Abacus & Brain Gym Programme helps Improve Learning Ability. Helps make children Smarter

6 Left Brain – Logical Right Brain - Creative Developed by Dr. Paul Dennison, U.S. Exercises to De-Stress, Energize, and Activate both the Left and right brain. Energizes the brain De-stresses and helps to learn and recall Improves psychomotor skills Improves standing posture and balance Brain Gym

7 Abacus An instrument with rods and beads Used to perform arithmetic calculations Removes the Fear of Numbers Stimulates the brain Improves: Accuracy & Speed of computing Concentration – Listening & Observation skills Visual memory Logical reasoning Confidence

8 Exams are very important for our children “The paper was easy but I couldn’t finish it in time.” “I never had time to check my answers.” “My hand writing is neat in the first page only. I just scribbled to finish the paper in time.” SIP’s speed writing exercises help children to write Faster & Legibly Also helps in Reading Faster Speed Writing

9 The team that makes it possible Child (20%) CI (50%) Smarter Child Parent (30%) Parent’s Role  Bringing the child to class regularly  Ensuring the child practises daily  Encourage participation in contests Instructor’s Role  Take classes regularly  Giving compensation classes  Train the child as per the training guidelines  Communicate the child’s performance to parents Child’s Role  Be regular to class  Be attentive in class  Practise daily

10 SIP Academy India Background Established in 2003 International organisation providing world class skill development programmes for children Programmes SIP Abacus & Brain Gym AMAL (Accelerated Mental Learning) Global Art – Creative drawing & painting MI Kids – Phonic based English programme Network Spread across 20 states with 640 learning centres Trained 1,75,000 children since inception Associated with 100 + schools

11 SIP Academy India’s Vision We exist to make a difference nationally in a sustainable manner by creating and distributing world class programmes that significantly impact the mental potential of children.

12 Credentials Certification SIP’s Training process is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Endorsements Member of WAMAA (World Association of Abacus & Mental Arithmetic). Member of AMARDA (Asian Abacus Association). Achievements Won 4 Limca Book of Records. Trained MRF Pace Foundation, Indian Women Hockey team, and Chess Grand Masters in Brain Gym.

13 40 Mega Contests - Regional, National & International

14 Most Children trained in SIP Abacus & Brain Gym programme till Foundation Level 4, become 5 times better Our Internal Research - Our focus on quality in training and programme delivery has enabled...

15 SIP Academy India to become the 1 st Abacus Organization in the world to introduce a BRAND PROMISE

16 5 times better or Rs. 5000 cash Back* SIP Abacus & Brain Gym Programme is the only Abacus Programme with a Money Back Guarantee.

17 We measure ‘5 times better’ by… Child is tested in arithmetic sums for a duration of 5 minutes on enrollment and the score is recorded. Child is tested on a similar paper after 4 levels for 5 minutes and score is recorded again The visible improvement is shared with the parent If improvement does not match the promise, Rs. 5000 returned to the parent

18 Being 5 times better  Child can perform arithmetic calculations 5 times faster and accurately.  Child will develop better Learning Ability, which includes  Better Concentration  Better Visual Memory  Better Retention & Recall  Better Self-Confidence Overall, will become a SMARTER KID than what he/she was before joining SIP.

19 Parent Responsibilities  Need to send children to class regularly.  Need to sign Daily Practice tracker once a week at least.  Miss not more than 1 class per month with compensation.  Miss not more than 1 class per month per level without compensation.  Break between levels not to exceed 2 weeks.  Sign the terms and conditions letter

20 SIP Abacus Classes are Enjoyable 2 hours 15 minutes class once a week Max 15 students in a class Interactive classes with Games / Brain Gyms / Activities

21 Enroll your child Today. Give your child The SIP Abacus Advantage.

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