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CLASS : V B Topic: LEGIBLE WRITING By Vaishali Shah & Archana Bhasin.

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1 CLASS : V B Topic: LEGIBLE WRITING By Vaishali Shah & Archana Bhasin

2  Mother teacher of class V B

3  Concentrate on hand writing.  Think and write.

4  The participants of this research are the students of Delhi Public School Tapi (class V B)  We have selected these participants as we are the Mother Teacher of this class. We spend maximum part of our school hours with them. So, we can monitor them easily and can guide them as per their need.



7  This research looks at the problem of writing skill of the students. Basically while conducting this research I have always put the priority of trying to find out ways of how to improve the skill of writing among my 20 students of class V B  Using two techniques,  1. Practicing on: letter formation and letter size.  2. Practicing on spacing between words.

8  Here you see: Child writing a paragraph.  Till now I have given them only a paper, having a paragraph to write and I came to know how they write.  I pointed out their mistakes and showed them how to improve it.

9 Let me complete it.HAVE I MADE ANY MISTAKES!

10  Teacher: Why sometimes you write in capital (some letters) while sometime you write in small letters?  Student: Ma’am. When I am in hurry I do that. Actually I don’t realize it.

11  I asked one of the students: What would you stress on more legible writing or on spellings?  Ma’am on spellings.  I asked this question because some students start with good handwriting but as their attention moves their handwriting turns horrible.  NEARLY 40% OF THE STUDENTS (have good handwriting)  Why you hold your pencil so tightly?  Because it slips down easily.  Spacing issues: space between the words are also normal in most of the students.  They can’t judge spacing?

12  I have even started to make them write in a cursive book so that they can learn correct letter formation and judge spacing.  I have noticed how they write in their notebooks and again pointed out their mistakes.  Gradually, they are still learning how to write.  They make mistakes in writing cursive p,h,l, i, f, b, d. (head, tail and body)

13  I am planning to make them do more practice of writing in particular time limit.  Showing them correct format of writing.  Emphasizing on correct posture.

14 Students were given only five minutes to write a page in Cursive Writing book. Observation:  7 out of 20 students showed good handwriting while others were not so satisfactory. Guideline:  Students were given one page to write weekly at home.  Students were monitored in class and corrected regularly regarding letter formation and spacing Cont…



17 Students were asked to copy certain words and write them three times in order to understand the correct formation of letters. The words were: mapping, caring, quiet, height, father, below and come.




21 A handwriting workshop was conducted for a week from 23/07/12 – 27/07/12. In this workshop students were trained to write letters in correct format, to hold pencil properly and to sit in correct posture. They were given worksheets to do in class as well as to do at home. Before starting the worksheet students were made to do finger exercises, shoulder exercises and hand exercises. In every worksheet they were given some fine art work like paper tearing, making small paper balls, colouring by fingers to enhance their fine motor skills.

22 Sticking Paper balls Writing with concentration

23 Finger ExerciseHolding pencil properly Finger PaintingColouring

24  After conducting the handwriting workshop an analysis of the handwriting was sent to the parent so that they can also focus on the parts where the child needs improvement.  I found 30% improvement in the writing of the students.

25 Students are asked to sit in correct posture while writing.

26 Leaning on one side


28 Before After



31 Q- Did you find any change in your handwriting? A- Yes Ma’am. Q- What was the reason behind this change? A- Everyday I practiced one page at home. (Common answer by 2 student) A- By continuous reminders in school and at home that a magnifying glass is required to read my handwriting. A- I can write but I am in a hurry to finish my work.(Common answer by 3 student) A- After holding the pen properly I can write neatly but my speed reduces.

32 Though I was not 100% successful in this project but at least after repeated practice, I conclude that 75% of the students have been able to improve their handwriting.


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