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Meteoritics By Jessica in Partnership with Ms. Robbie Score.

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2 Meteoritics By Jessica in Partnership with Ms. Robbie Score

3 What is this PowerPoint about? This PowerPoint will be explaining about meteorites and meteoritics and the importance of the science. Read more to find out...

4 What is a Meteor? Meteoritics is the science and study of meteorites and the extraterrestrial objects in space. Watch this video to find out what a meteor is.

5 Basic Facts about Meteorites If you want to identify a meteorite, you should know these basic facts: 1. Meteorites are attracted to magnets. 2. Meteorites are very heavy. 3. Meteorites are not radioactive. Click here to read all about meteorites!

6 Why is Meteoritics Important? Scientists study meteoritics because meteorites tell people about the evolution of the Solar System. 2. the evolution of stars. 3. the geologic history of Earth and the Moon. 4. the history of life on Earth. Click here to listen to Dr. Richard Court talk about meteorites.

7 Classification of Meteorites There are 3 basic ways to classify meteorites: stony, stony-iron, and iron. Stony meteorites can also be classified to chondrites and achondrites.

8 Meteor Impact Craters Meteor Impact Craters are made by meteorites when the object collides with a planet or a moon. This is the famous Meteor Crater in Northern Arizona!

9 Fun Facts Very few meteoroids fly into the Earth's atmosphere and back again, which are called Earth grazing fireballs. Meteorites are mostly found in Antarctica, Oman, Africa, and Australia.

10 Credits This PowerPoint couldn't have been done without the help from Ms. Robbie Score! Thank you!

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