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On Prophet's (pbuh) Steps. Everyone of us feels sometimes afraid of the future Everyone of us feels sometimes afraid of the future concerned about some.

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1 On Prophet's (pbuh) Steps

2 Everyone of us feels sometimes afraid of the future Everyone of us feels sometimes afraid of the future concerned about some problems... In those critical moments we hope that Allah stand by our side and never let us down. Our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had overcame such a feeling during the begining oh his revelation (al wahy). During this period « sayida khadija » (may Allah be pleased with her) supported him and reassured him. So how near are your morals to the prophet’s morals ?


4 a /you say that you have tried but you couldn’t make it. b/ you claim that you didn’t have time C / you admit your disability. A friend asked you a favor,but you didn’t do it :

5 Suddnely someone asked you an embarrassing question : a/you lie. b/ you run away from the answer. c/you answer immediately.

6 You were playing « ono »,by coincidence you saw you friend’s card أ a/you take venage of this and bit your friend. b/you remember some of it.. c/you try to forget it.

7 You had to send letters to one of your relatives who is living abroad but you didn’t When he came he blaimed you for that a/you insist that you have sent him a letter but it may be lost. b/ you said : « I thought I have written to you !» c /you admit that you didn’t send any letter and apologize.

8 Someone asked you to do something that you can’t afford a/you accept but you don’t really mean it. b/ you postpone doing it. c/ you say : « no, I can’t »honestly.

9 The test of honesty is finished let’s see what is your result of Generosity test

10 You would rather : a/ receive gifts. b/ economize. c/ give presents to make people around you happy.

11 When you do a simple favor : a/you ask for money.. b/ you wait for something in return. c/ you feel happy and you don’t wait for anything in return.

12 When you feel bored with some clothes a/you throw them away. b/ you put it in the wardrobe in order to wear it one day c/ you give them to one of your friends.

13 One of your friends is having a financial problem a/You avoid meeting him or speaking to him on the phone because you don’t want him to ask you for money. b/if he ask you for help you would give him money but you wouldn’t do it voluntarily c/ you help them without even waiting for him to ask for


15 The test of Generosity is finished let’s see what is your result of Loyalty test

16 You remembred one of your old friends that you haven’t spoken to since a long time : a/You remember your good souvenirs together and wish him good luck.. b/ you visit him c /you try to get his phone number and call him..

17 You left your village and moved to the town worked and get married there : a/you thank God for leaving your old village and try to not have any connection with it. b/ you may help your relatives there financially but you don’t visit them c/ you always visit it with your family and try to help as much as you can.

18 Do you a/have always new friends b/ have so many friends c/you have few old friends.

19 You had a quarrel with your partner …you are trying to have fun in a trip with friends : a/you forget about the quarrel b/you will think about the quarrel later now you are having fun. c/you feel really upset

20 In the begining of your career,you had some problems…your colleague helped you and showed you the basics of the work,now your career is great and you are even better than your old « teacher » : /This is your chance to be the best but you will never help any new employee to stay always in the top ! b/you would help him if he ask for. c/you will never forget his favor and try always to support him.


22 The test of Loyalty is finished let’s see what is your result of Sympathy test

23 one of your family’s member is sick : -a/You advice him to go to the doctora/You advice him to go to the doctor - and then you hang out with your friends. and then you hang out with your friends. b/you go to the doctor with him. c/you stay with him the whole night to take care of him and give him his medecines.

24 If you visited an orphanage a /no, you would never go there.. b/You would give some money and take care of the children. c/you would adopt a child.

25 One day,you find a little hungry pet in front of your house : -: a/you throw the pet out. b/You feed the pet but keep it out of the house. c/you bring it home and feed it.

26 While you were walking in the sreet a neighbour (old woman) called for you ;you know that she will ask you to buy her something because she is living alone and can’t go by herself a/you pretend not hearing her. b/you apologize to her because you don’t want to be late. c/you would buy her what she wants.

27 There was an accident near to your house : a/You watch what’s going on those accidents are always interesting. b/you close your window to not hear the noise,those accident make you feel sorry. c/you call the emergency.


29 The test of Sympathy is finished let’s see what is your result of Kinship test

30 After an exhausting day,you went back home,you found that your mother didn’t cook the lunch a/you get very angry and yell at her. b/you get upset. c/you ask her about the reason because you are concerned about her health

31 Usually you spend your evenings a/in your room alone surfing on the net. b/ hanging out with your friends. c/with your family.

32 Today is your little cousin’s birthday all the family is invited a/you don’t go,those family’s visites don’t fit you. b/You go there but you are upset and you wait for any opportunity to leave the party. c/you pick a nice present and go to the party.

33 In the holiday your father asked you to visit your sick uncle you were waiting for this holiday to go out with your friends a/you would never go he can go with your brother or by himself. /you visit your uncle but you feel really upset c/although I need the holiday I have to visit my uncle.

34 Your mother had a quarrel with your aunt and decided to never talk to her again a/I already hate my aunt b/I have nothing to do with this quarrel it’s their business. c/ I try to bring them together again.

35 Now give yourself 1 point for every (a) answer. 2 points for every (b) answer. 3 points for every (c) answer.

36 your morals are great thank God you are following our prophet (pbuh) keep going you are in the right path If you had from 18 to 25 points

37 your morals are good but you can be better to get people’s love and God’s mercy. -If you had from 12 to 18 points

38 أ you are out of the right path. Try to read the prophet’s « sirah »and inchallah you will find your way. -If you had less than 12

39 start

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