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Presented by (insert instructor’s name) (insert organization) Developed by Grace Wittman, Steve Hines, Sarah Schumaker, and Susan Traver.

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1 Presented by (insert instructor’s name) (insert organization) Developed by Grace Wittman, Steve Hines, Sarah Schumaker, and Susan Traver

2 University of Idaho Extension The Fundamentals Delivering service that makes a positive, lasting impression takes more than simple courtesy–much more. It starts with understanding what the relationship is from your customers’ point of view: What you do How you do it How well it must be done Proving you can do it again!

3 University of Idaho Extension Basic Customer Service Greeting customers Clean establishment Knowing the products or service Providing a basic level of service which results in the customer purchasing the product/service But basics are not enough to keep your business competitive today!

4 University of Idaho Extension Exceptional Service The Golden Rule: Treat your customer as you would like to be treated. But it doesn’t end there!

5 University of Idaho Extension What we see may not be what others see

6 University of Idaho Extension Customer Relations Advantage What are the benefits of the product or service that you sell or provide? What is your competitive advantage? How can a paradigm shift to customer relations benefit your company?

7 University of Idaho Extension Why Customer Relations Based on ideal expectations Language structures our environment – What does the word service mean to you? – Where is the customer service department? – Who has the power to handle customer issues? – How do you treat customer service in your business? Imagine a new scenario…

8 University of Idaho Extension Keys of Customer Relations Anchored in generosity Grounded in trust Bolstered by a vision Coalition based on honesty Balance between customer and business Grace—relationships appear effortless 6

9 University of Idaho Extension Generosity Generosity is an attitude—a focus on the relationship with the customer Customers who experience generosity feel valued—not used Generosity is providing more than expected

10 University of Idaho Extension Think About It….. Generosity Think of a business that does a superior job of generosity. What does it look and feel like? What are some of the special things that business does to make you feel welcome? The Basics Think of a business that provides basically good service, but is sometimes unfriendly. Why did they earn that title? How do you feel when you shop there?

11 University of Idaho Extension Generosity: Being “in the Moment” Think of a customer—a gem of the ocean. Think how easy it is to “be there” for that customer. Think about the customer—a crab—that no one wants to serve. How can you “be there” for that customer? After one month, examine how the “negative” relationship did or did not change.

12 University of Idaho Extension Trust Makes customers feel valued Service guarantee Trust customers, employees, colleagues, and supervisors Trust employees to make decisions “I couldn’t possibly mix decaf and regular without my manager’s approval.”

13 University of Idaho Extension Trust is a Two-Way Street Why do customers lose trust? They don’t know how to register a complaint. They don’t believe it will do any good. Trust can be lost when customers feel they are not treated fairly when something goes wrong. They fear the service provider might retaliate.

14 University of Idaho Extension The Value of Regaining Customer Trust Customer loyalty drops by 20% if the customer has a problem. 1 out of 5 customers will leave or purchase another brand next time. Good News: Complaining customers who are satisfied have loyalties approaching those who had no problem. In some companies, the customers become MORE loyal.

15 University of Idaho Extension Trust Declare a 60-day trust period. Identify areas where “we don’t trust you” messages are sent to customers. Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservations. Elton Trueblood

16 University of Idaho Extension Vision Vision: a dream of what the business means A commitment to take the customer/business relationship to a higher level Everyone is rowing in the same direction!

17 University of Idaho Extension Defining Your Vision Why do customers remember us? How do customers feel after dealing with us? What do customers tell their friends about us? How do we help each other meet customer needs?

18 University of Idaho Extension Company Customer Relations Vision “Musts” A vision of “world-class” customer relations must focus on employees first and then customers— happy employees make happy customers! Happiness is contagious. Take care of the employees and they will take care of the customers. J. Willard Marriott

19 University of Idaho Extension Truth Candor Openness Dependability Courage Compassion Cultivates long-term relationships

20 University of Idaho Extension Balance Balance requires respect Balance requires participation Balance requires breathing room If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else. Booker T. Washington

21 University of Idaho Extension The Foundation of Balance: Mutual Respect Respect a sense of equality between customers and the business. Examine your business and see where policies get in the way of quality. Partners are not ruled by policies, instead, policies are crafted around customer needs. Chip R. Bell

22 University of Idaho Extension Grace A business is “graceful” when customers feel: Ease and comfort An “at home” feeling Graceful relationships keep untidy internal issues away from the eyes of the customer. Learn customers’ expectations and then try to exceed them.

23 University of Idaho Extension Customer Relations Providing more than what is expected. Providing what the customer wants—faster, better, and the way the customer wants it. Getting the customer to say “I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” Fostering partnerships that build loyalty.

24 University of Idaho Extension The Payoff to Your Business Cost to business to attract a new customer (8-10 times higher than keeping a current customer) Keep customers longer (50% longer) Lower sales and marketing costs (20-40% lower) Higher return on sales (7-12% higher) Better net profits (7-17% better)

25 University of Idaho Extension Our Challenge Commit yourself to performing one ten-minute act of exceptional customer service per day and ask your fellow employees to do the same. In a 100-person company taking into account normal vacations, holidays etc., that would mean 24,000 new courteous acts per year. Such is the stuff of revolutions. Tom Peters

26 University of Idaho Extension Final Thoughts Have fun– it’s not rocket science!

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