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Tool #12: Customer Service that Makes Them Say, “Wow!”

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1 Tool #12: Customer Service that Makes Them Say, “Wow!”
Employee Success Toolkit Tool #12: Customer Service that Makes Them Say, “Wow!” Copyright Harriet Meyerson 2008 •

2 “Wow!” Your Customers and Keep Them Coming Back
Employees have to have the right attitude. Management must foster a service environment. Supervisors should create rewards for taking care of the customer. Employees should improve their own customer service skills.

3 “Every supervisor should teach employees the importance of keeping customers, how to manage contact with a customer and, in addition, they should create a reward system that rewards employees for taking care of the customer.” Michael LeBoeuf, author of How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life

4 Be a Believer Believe that the customer will be better off using your company’s product or service. Learn about the benefits of your company’s product or service. Keep customer’s testimonial letters in front of you to constantly reinforce your belief.

5 Be Service Oriented Without customers, you would not have a paycheck.
Visualize your customer adding to your salary every time you interact with them. Thank them by giving them outstanding service.

6 You Represent the Company
“You may think you work for your company, but whenever you come in contact with a customer, to that customer, you are the company. “Your customers are going to come away either feeling better or worse about the company because of how you handle them, and that is going to determine the very success of the company.” Michael LeBoeuf, author of How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life

7 True Story from Harriet Meyerson
Her husband’s cleaners damaged his shirt. The clerk said, “The shirt was that way when you brought it in.” Her husband didn’t complain or give the cleaners a second chance - he just changed cleaners.

8 Be Friendly Customers stay loyal to people they like and trust.
Take time to listen to your customers. Make notes of your customers’ interests. “How is your son’s baseball team doing this year?” “Tell me about your vacation to Alaska.”

9 Help Your Customers Make Wise Decisions
Decisions are stressful for most people because they don’t want to make a mistake. Be a source of information. Help them choose the product or service that is right for them.

10 Perception is Important
The customer is the scoreboard keeper. If only you think you’ve given good customer service, that doesn’t matter. What the customer thinks is what matters. Customers vote with their dollars. Ask your customers, “How can I best serve you?”

11 Exceed Expectations Customers have certain expectations.
When they are pleasantly surprised when you give them more, they perceive that as good customer service. A woman who purchased a home was excited because her realtor sent her flowers.

12 The Lagniappe Principle (pronounced lan-yap)
People who live in southern Louisiana know about Lagniappe. It means “something extra”. Lagniappe originated with Creole shopkeepers. With a bag of groceries, shopkeepers would throw in a pound of bacon. It’s a way of telling customers, “I’m giving you your money’s worth and a whole lot more.”

13 A Story about “Wow!” Customer Service from Harriet Meyerson
Years ago, Harriet went to Louisiana with a group of friends. As her group of twelve was seated, the owner came with a bouquet of roses for her friend who had booked the dinner reservation. He then ordered complimentary wine for everyone.

14 Ask for Feedback Be proactive in asking about customer satisfaction.
After the sale, ask your customer... “Were you happy with your purchase?” Many people don’t like to complain. Make it easy for them to tell you how they feel. In doing this, you will earn their trust.

15 There’s an old saying, ‘A customer who complains is my best friend.’
Respond to Complaints “One of the greatest opportunities to improve service perception is how you handle a complaint. There’s an old saying, ‘A customer who complains is my best friend.’ They tell you their problem and they are giving you a second chance. The other dissatisfied customers just walk away and do not come back.” Michael LeBoeuf, author of How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life

16 Don’t Be Defensive Customers can act annoyed, critical or even enraged. Your reaction may be to react defensively. STOP! Don’t take the customer’s behavior personally. To calm the customer, listen with empathy. “Tell me what went wrong so that I can make this right for you.” Ask the customer to propose a solution. Handle the complaint as fast as possible.

17 Develop your own Reward System
Keep a detailed journal of your customer service work. Give yourself a point for each time you… do something extra for an existing customer. follow up with a customer. handle a difficult customer service problem. Reward yourself for your points.

18 Other Benefits for Keeping a Journal
It will help you keep track of how well you are serving each customer. You will have your journal to speak for your outstanding work.

19 Customer retention is the best business strategy of all, and the way you increase customer retention is to give the customer service that makes them say… “Wow!”

20 Customer Service that Makes Them Say, “Wow!”
Quiz & Discussion Questions

21 Question 1 How can you be service oriented?

22 Question 2 Why is it important to be friendly to customers?

23 Question 3 What is the single greatest key to improving customer service?

24 Question 4 Why should you ask for customer feedback about your customer service?

25 Question 5 Name 3 benefits of keeping a customer service journal.

26 Set Your Goals What are your three main goals to improve your customer service?

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