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Drink… Drink… Drink…. Or Should You? Myths About Alcoholism.

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1 Drink… Drink… Drink…


3 Or Should You?

4 Myths About Alcoholism

5  Most alcoholics are on skid row  Very few women are alcoholics  Alcoholism is a “lack of willpower” problem  I don’t know any alcoholics  An alcoholic can’t quit drinking  Drug abuse is a bigger problem than alcoholism  An alcoholic drinks all the time  Alcohol is a moral problem  Antabuse cures alcoholism Myths About Alcoholism…

6 Myths About Alcoholism  Alcoholics drink because of problems in their lives  Alcoholism is a problem of middle age and older people  You can sober up an alcoholic (or any intoxicated person) with coffee  The cure for alcoholism is drinking responsibly  An alcoholic can learn to drink like a non- alcoholic person

7 Energy Drinks zThese drinks include: Red Bull, Adrenaline Rush, Blue Ox, and more. zProblem: people use them to keep drinking all night long, which leads to higher intoxication levels and greater chance of alcohol overdose.

8 …a drink is a drink is a drink… == 10 - 12 oz. of = 4 oz.table = 1 ounce of Domestic beer wine80 proof liquor but this is just a general guideline. It is really all dependent on the amount of alcohol in the beverage that you are drinking, the higher the proof, the higher the alcohol content. Although not a definite rule, but more of a general guideline…

9 I’m dying to know more zAs many as 360,000 of the nation’s 12 million undergraduates will eventually die from alcohol-related problems, many of which began in college. This is more than the number who will get MAs and PhDs combined.

10 Getting behind the wheel zIn the U.S. alone, each year there are 16,000 deaths, that means one casualty every 30 minutes, and nearly 300,000 injuries due to Drunk Driving related accidents. There are 2 million DUI/DWI arrests and a cost to society of 120 billion dollars annually.

11 Booze can mess with your life zOn campuses where more than 70% of the student body binge drinks, 87% of the students report experiencing problems such as physical assault, sexual harassment and impaired sleep and study time.

12 Just have 2 more zHey you’ve already had a six pack, two more couldn’t hurt right? zYou BAC could then reach about.15 at which point you are 380 times more likely to have an accident.

13 Just let them sleep it off... zNO! zTry to wake the person zTurn the person on their side/do not leave them zMake sure they are breathing zGet help, call the RA duty phone for a wellness check!

14 Alcohol Poisoning zSigns/Symptoms yUnconscious/semiconscious person ySlow respirations yCold, clammy, pale or bluish skin yStrong odor of alcohol

15 You look marvelous zIf you want to have clear skin and bright eyes, don’t drink alcohol. According to researchers, more than one or two drinks a week promote aging. When you abuse alcohol, you tend to be undernourished, making your hair dry, giving you cracked lips, aggravating acne, making your eyes glassy and skin a puffy, broken vein look.

16 You think you’re smart zAlcohol is a depressant that slows brain activity down. While 1 or 2 drinks help some feel relaxed, more alcohol may cause feelings of anxiety, depression, and aggression. Alcohol robs brain cells of water and glucose, the brain’s food, which can bring on a hangover the next day.

17 Now were talking hormones?! zIt is known that alcohol decreases the male hormone testosterone. Long-term use causes not only decreased function, but size (yes that’s a decrease)! The use of alcohol in men and women causes increased sexual desire, but decreased performance.








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