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COUNTY SEMINAR ADULT UPDATE Jan 14. Tom Meggison Cadet Executive Officer (CEO)

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2 Tom Meggison Cadet Executive Officer (CEO)

3 Discipline




7 The Cadet: “Brave as a Lion, Daft as a Brush, Nerves of Iron, Brains of Slush.” Anonymous Cadet Commandant

8 The Army Cadet Force There is no organisation which I have found influences the boys so powerfully for good as that of our cadets. They learn the duty and dignity of obedience, they get a sense of Corporate life and of civic duty, they learn to honour the power of their health, and they come in contact with manly and devoted officers. The summer camp too is a great gain. These ideals are in marked contrast with listless self indulgence, the pert self assurance, the selfishness and want of reverence, which are so characteristic of the life in a low district, and if such ideals can be brought before the young lad before he gets in with a gang of loafers it may make all the difference to his life. 1909Octavia Hill

9 Adults: Volunteers …. –with no call up liability ACF Officers hold Territorial Army Commissions –are subject to Military Law ACF Adult Instructors are part-time Crown Servants –are NOT subject to Military Law, but are expected to follow military procedures and customs.

10 Adults: Wide variety of backgrounds, and reasons for joining Limited academic or medical restrictions Make a huge commitment for the benefit of the youngsters Paid Training Days (PTD)for some training MAKES THE ACF ACTUALLY WORK!

11 M-19Apprentice Joiner - Ex cadet F-47Unemployed / Housewife - No experience M-21Technical Support Analyst - Ex cadet F-23Nurse - No experience M-54Police Officer - Ex Corporal F-21Climbing Instructor - Ex cadet M-37Roofer - Ex Reserve F-53Cleaning Lady/ Mother - No experience M-40Driving Instructor - Ex Private F-42School Teacher - No experience M-50Managing Director - Ex Regular Officer

12 What is the problem? Problem 1 General points: Detachment between 40 and 70 cadets. Cadet NCO's 1 Colour Serjeant, 3 Serjeants, 3 Corporals and I think 5 Lance Corporals. NCO's, - we always seem to have problems because x doesn't like y and then we don't have a cohesive team. The JNCO's don't show the same respect that was shown towards SNCO's when I was a JNCO. They think outside of cadets they are better and don't like the fact they are lower at cadets. We (SNCO's) have always been quite soft on them to be completely honest, I never have got really angry with any of them and been harsh. They complain they don't get enough to do, but there isn't really a lot to do, we all take turns taking parade and other bits and bobs. So basically what I want is for them to kind of understand their place within the structure, understand how the structure works and it's reason for being there. I want them to understand that when they get told to do something by someone senior than them, it means do it. You know I am getting fed up of trying to be nice and just wondering if the harder approach might be more appropriate. I don't want to push them away from us though so kind of stuck of how to do so? Our adults don’t seem to care and tell me to get on with it.

13 Answer??? So the detachment discipline isn't that great, there biggest problem is the talking on parade, it ends up someone having to shout to get them quiet. Maybe some of them don't know they aren't supposed to talk on parade? I am thinking one of the Adults should pick them up on it and then have it explained to them they need to be quiet. Then whoever does that is going to probably have to stay at the front the next few nights otherwise they won't stick to it? You can't get respect in the click of your fingers, you earn it over time. Try to in the short term have regular NCO meetings, show that you should be respected and you respect them, getting opinions off them about the det in interviews or anon is a good way. Implement things that are possible and good ideas, or at least show that you are trying. I've heard that sections in the army who have been together for years and are close knit can never respect their new Section commander or PL Commander unless they've been in the poo with them! We can't do that as such but why not go for a weekend walking/camping, get to know them better, they get to know you better. (Plus walking and wild camping is fun!) In the mean time, Beast them like they've never been beasted before!

14 Answer 2 the thing is with other JNCO's or SNCO's is that as soon as they get promoted they don't respect other NCO's ranks and think they are God! If you want Cadets to not talk on parade and respect other NCO's then you need the NCO's to 'follow the book' in everything you/they do... Also NCO's need to use another NCO's rank and this will make the cadets conform just by this basic discipline. I have had numerous problems in the past that NCO's do not respect each other ranks and mess about and think they can do whatever they want which makes the cadets think its ok to mess about and talk when it isnt.. To overcome the talking on parade...all that’s needs to happen is that EVERY NCO shows example and that if they do the cadets will conform... with the problems I had in the past is that as soon as we started to grow up as NCO's the cadets changed and listened. I hope I helped and hope it works for you

15 Questions?


17 Why run an account…. Who, runs the account…. Transparency/checks Audit…. Signators…. NAAFI stock

18 Detachment Accounts Subscriptions Buying items for the cadets Donations NAAFI stock Cost of weekends/Coy accounts

19 Detachment Accounts Questions?

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