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ZAGBA Pulse Survey Results 10 Questions on Pulse Survey See answers and feedback next…

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2 ZAGBA Pulse Survey Results 10 Questions on Pulse Survey See answers and feedback next…

3 1. Are you a member of ZAGBA? If No, why not? Will join soon! Have a 3 month old that I would like to take to religion classes once old enough.

4 2. What do you feel is the most important benefit you receive from being a member of the Association? Social gatherings Good question! What is the most important benefit? I guess to socialize with other members of my community and to create a sense of belonging for my daughter. Educational opportunities, speeches, childrens classes, prayer classes Primarily, being able to provide the opportunity for our kids to connect and socialize with other Parsees and increase their knowledge about our religion and culture. Come to meet other Parsis not only from MA but also from other states and countries. The children get the concept of a close community which helps one another and stays together.

5 3. What do you feel the Association could do differently to better serve its membership? 1.Have a Darb-e-Mehr. We were just talking about this. What happened to the project? We were so close... 2.Have pot-lucks more often (Once a month) 3.Have more outings to other Z centers like NY & Toronto 4.Seek member input, such as this questionnaire 5.There should be more weekend potlucks with games so that the children and the adults can see one another more often. 6.Be more inclusive by recruiting non-committee members to organize stuff. Less work for you all too!

6 4. In your opinion what would be a reasonable cost per person for the Navroze / Pateti functions? $25, $30, $35

7 5. In your opinion what would be a reasonable cost for the Christmas Holiday function? $25, $30, $35

8 6. Would you be interested in participating and/or helping to organize the following: Bowling Canobie Lake Movie night Organize Cooking Contest Couples night\

9 7. What would you like to see more of from the new board? Naswan Dosabhoy's educational lectures Use the rest of the community to help you...somehow instill that running the organization is everyone's responsibility. Give specific tasks and deadline dates - people will complete them. Sorry I don't have more feedback you guys are great. Actually it is nice when you have an activity for the adults during the Children’s Prayer classes. Otherwise there is not much to do. Communication and updates relative to the management of the association. Tell the members of the upcoming events and can start a book club for the children as well as the adults so that we all can set up a date at least 6 times a year to discuss the book and sometimes if the movie is out with the corresponding book we can go and see that or take the kids. This way it will be fun and the kids will look forward to the reading. I know as my child is in a book club and they really enjoy themselves after the book discussion. We all take turns to meet at one another's house every month or two depends what time of the year like exams etc. So think about starting a book club. Another thing that the kids do is that once they have read the book it goes to a charity or a library where books are accepted as donations.

10 7(contd). What would you like to see more of from the new board? Love and affection. Bring the fun back into Zagba -- less formality, more of the informal masti-mazaa that we used to have.

11 8. What would you like to see continue? Religious classes. Maybe more often like Shishu Bharati (which is weekly - we can have it fortnightly). All the great work and fun events, children’s classes... I like the Gatha translation classes at Harvard but I rarely have time to go.. Actually it would be nice if they had the Gatha classes during the children’s prayer classes. That would kill two birds with one stone so to speak. Or another thought would be an adult class at that time the history or whatever. I know this is all a lot of work... just ideas. Same hard work and spirit that has been for the last many years and the good work. Thanks !

12 9. Would you like to contribute / share some material for our ZAGBA website? Maybe. What do you need? Some 'Z' stuff? I can ask my dad. He was writing a book on 'Parsi Pioneers' and we could have a very inspiring section on Great Parsis! What do you need, I run a fairly large web business. I don't have a lot of time to pick up new projects but I have contacts and maybe could be of help depending on what it is. Children's Community Service stuff

13 10. Ideas / Suggestions for the New Board? How about a Zagba Vs Zagny Red Sox vs Yankees night. Haha. Or a charity gambling night. Or Bingo or something. Actually those last two aren't great for kids. Maybe r just a giant group function. Just an idea. (I grew up with Zagny many years ago..) Thanks it's been wonderful and I'm glad to have found you guys. If you decide to organize a movie night, I can get discounted rates from my organization if interested. Love the idea of a survey. I would suggest that you post the results on the ZAGBA website and distribute the link to the community. 1. Start a book club 2. Recognize achievements of members and their families by announcing at functions e.g. A child got straight A's or did some other good deed. etc. Suggest creating a Facebook page for ZAGBA as this day in age everyone uses Facebook for updates/events/etc...

14 ZAGBA Website Address:

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