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“Being Courageous Isn’t Weak” Lesson 3.4 Created By: Pam Gunter.

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1 “Being Courageous Isn’t Weak” Lesson 3.4 Created By: Pam Gunter

2 Preparation Materials Needed: Have access to the internet to watch: Classroom Setup: Sit at desk.

3 Challenge of the Week – Follow Up Would someone like to share their experience about how they showed others respect last week? How did it make you feel?

4 The Activity Show the video below: Ask the students what types of things we need to have courage to overcome. Illness, trying a new sport, speaking in front of a group, singing a song alone, standing up for something that is right, doing what is right when others want you to do something wrong, etc.

5 The Object of the Lesson Points instructor needs to bring out: Being courageous can be very difficult, but as we are courageous we can accomplish many wonderful things. When others are trying new things, we need to be supportive and encourage them so they can succeed. Sometimes we have to stand alone and do what is right. Many people have conquered great things because they were courageous. If we never try new things, we will never grow and become better. Being courageous is making right choices and being a good person.

6 Challenge for the Week Think of one new thing that you would like to try that you’ve never done before. Have the courage to try something new that will make you a better person. Encourage others to do the same. Remember that developing courage isn’t always comfortable; you may need to stretch a little and overcome fear! Note: Remind students that being courageous is making responsible decisions even when no one is around.

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