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“The Great Challenge of Listening” Lesson 6.10 Created By: Pam Gunter.

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1 “The Great Challenge of Listening” Lesson 6.10 Created By: Pam Gunter

2 How did everyone do this week with matching their words, voice tone, volume and body language? Did you find it easier to communicate your messages? Did people appear to be more interested in what you had to say or share?

3  Materials Needed:  Each student needs a piece of paper and writing utensil.  Classroom Setup:  Sit at desk, table or in a circle.

4  Verbally describe the picture below to the students. Have the students listen to your verbal description and draw what they hear.

5  After the students have listened to the verbal instructions of drawing the diagram, show them what it should look like.  Discuss the challenges of communication:  It isn’t always easy to express what you mean.  What you say isn’t always received as it was intended.  People interpret things differently from person to person.

6  Over the past several weeks we have discussed developing strong character, building strong and healthy relationships, and finding role models to mentor. At times, we need help through difficult situations in life so practicing good communication skills can help us through those difficult times.  It isn’t always easy to communicate effectively when we are shy, sad, angry, lonely, afraid, intimidated, etc.  Fortunately we have learned about relying on others, when needed, to help us through those times. Who would you talk to if you:  were getting bullied;  saw that someone else was getting bullied;  were failing a class and needed help;  were being abused verbally or physically;  didn’t have money for lunch because of financial problems at home.

7 Points instructor needs to bring out:  Communication is a two-way street. Conveyance of information, as well as receiving information, is equally important.  Communication can be difficult when delivering difficult and emotional information.  Developing effective communication skills takes practice.  Exercising strong communication skills can positively improve grades, relationships, sports techniques, etc.  When we are experiencing struggles, we can effectively communicate facts to our mentors and receive guidance and direction.

8 Throughout this week, partner all forms of communication skills to better interact with others. If needed, rely on your mentor, or trusting adult to discuss difficult conversations. See how mixing appropriate words, voice volume, voice speed, body language, eye contact, and listening skills together, improve your life at school, home, and in personal relationships.

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