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Playing with Fire? Ben West The Wilderness Committee.

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1 Playing with Fire? Ben West The Wilderness Committee

2 When Considering Waste Management Options What Must be on the Table?

3 Two Things You Need to Know about Nanoparticles Biogenic Carbon

4 There are toxins in Garbage - Where does it go when incinerated?

5 Scrubbers are used to reduce air pollution

6 But they still create a “Landfill in the Sky”

7 New Concern of Nanoparticles

8 Particles the size of a virus







15 Climate Change

16 International Day for Climate Action 2009 – Vancouver





21 Context: “carbon free” by 2050 The UN IPCC says we must cut CO2 emissions almost entirely by 2050 in Canada Metro Vancouver has already committed to do this

22 We have a responsibility to lead

23 Not just about Polar Bears

24 Impact already being felt


26 Disproportionate Impacts

27 Where are the CO2 emissions in our garbage coming from?

28 Lets talk about “Biogenic” CO2

29 If You Don’t Count Biogenic Carbon WTE looks like the best option

30 Should we count Biogenic CO2?

31 Increasing Calls for Awareness

32 Isn’t it Carbon Neutral?

33 1 Hectare of Rainforest a Second


35 At least 90 years to absorb CO2

36 What does the IPCC Say About Biogenic CO2 from Incineration?

37 So instead of Magical disappearing CO2

38 We should agree that this is the fair way to represent CO2 from WTE

39 Over all waste incineration is worse for the climate than a coal fired power plant 2008 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) Report

40 Would you build a coal fired power plant in your city?



43 More CO2 than Natural Gas even without counting biogenic CO2 Therefore this isn’t a reduction in emissions for district heating even if you don’t count the biogenic CO2

44 Its not actually a choice. Even if you stop using the landfill tomorrow landfill CO2 dissipation takes 20 - 25 years


46 If we put all the organics back in the soil then the WTE emissions look like this no matter how you count it

47 Isn’t this better?

48 Composting is the answer

49 If Nova Scotia can ban organics from landfill so can we…

50 Plastics – not an energy solution a design problem

51 The World Changes Fast! We should focus on design for re-use and recycling

52 “Feeding the Beast”

53 “Act to outlaw the international export of British Columbia’s garbage and landfill waste.” BC Throne Speech 2010 Why Are we even talking about this?

54 Isn’t pollution and CO2 another form of exporting our waste?

55 Give the The Next Generation a Chance to Lead the Way

56 Start with this…

57 and this…


59 Green Jobs = A Better World for Everyone

60 Ben West Healthy Communities Campaigner Thank You

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