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Recycling water bottles

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1 Recycling water bottles
By: Daniel Hubley

2 Why is recycling water bottles bad?
Water bottle contain to many chemicals in them that its bad for the environment. When water bottles are recycled they sent massive amounts of CO2 in the air, for sale, use and disposal bottled water has a dire consequences on our lives, health, environment and those most vulnerable – yet most of this is carefully hidden from the view by way careful branding and deceptive green washing practices.

3 Why should we not use water bottles?
We shouldn’t use water bottles because they are terrible for the environment. By recycling the put CO2 in the air and it ruins the environment and its not healthy for our health, But if we don’t recycle them they will just go into our landfill and waterways leaching toxins into our earth and water.

4 What if we don’t recycle?
An estimated 88% of water bottles are not recycled in Canada. Canadians send 65 million kilograms of PET beverage containers, many of them water bottles, to landfill or incineration in these bottles take up to 1000 years to biodegrade and may leak toxic additives into the ground water.

5 Other facts A number of scientific studies have shown that bottled water is less safe than tap water. Some 4 billion PET bottles end up in the U.S. waste stream each year, costing cities some $70 million in cleanup and land cost.

6 conclusion In conclusion water bottles, pop bottles and kind of plastic bottle is bad for the environment no matter what, even if you recycle its still not helping the environment.

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