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4ª série Revendo conceitos e trabalhando novos conteúdos

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1 4ª série Revendo conceitos e trabalhando novos conteúdos
Verb to be (ser/estar) 4ª série Revendo conceitos e trabalhando novos conteúdos

2 Affirmative form I am = I’m You are = You’re He is = He’s
She is = She’s It is =It’s We are = We’re You are =You’re They are = They’re

3 Negative form I am not = I’m not You are not= You aren’t
He is not = He isn’t She is not = she isn’t It is not = It isn’t We are not = We aren’t You are not = You aren’t They are not= They aren’t

4 Interrogative form am I...? are you...? is he ...? is she...?
is it ...? are we ...? are they...?

5 EXAMPLES Are you near the newsstand?
No, I’m not. I’m near the movie theater. movie theater newsstand

6 This is Jonas. Is he twelve?
No, he isn’t twelve. He’s ten. He is from Canada, right? No, he isn’t from Canada. He’s from Portugal.

7 Are they basketball fans?
Yes, they are. Are they at the stadium? No, they aren’t. They are near the bus stop.

8 Exercises WRITE: is, are or am. Peter __________ 18.
Helen __________ from Madri. Joanna __________ a teacher. Peter and Helen __________ students. Greg __________ from Greece. I __________ a student. We __________ 15. You __________ a fantastic footballer. The cat __________ black. The cat and the dog __________ white. is is is are is am are are is are

1. I ___________ 15 years old. 2. He ___________ at home. 3. Paula ___________ in 5MA2. 4. Jenny and Carol ___________ in the same class. 5. My favourite colours ___________ blue and green. 6. The dog ___________ five. 7. The grammar book ___________ big. 8. Carlo and Maria ___________ Italian. 9. Merton ___________ a small town. 10. Triglon ___________ a small planet. 11. You ___________ a good student. 12. They ___________ in the park. am is is are are is is are is is are are

1. I’m not 15 years old. Am I 15 years old? 2. He isn’t at home. Is he at home? 3. Paula isn’t in 5MA2. Is Paula in 5MA2? 4. Jenny and Carol aren’t in the same class. Are they in the same class? 5. My favourite colours aren’t blue and green. Are your favourite colours blue and green? 6. The dog isn’t five. Is it five? 7. The grammar book isn’t big. Is it big? 8. Carlo and Maria aren’t Italian. Are they Italian? 9. Merton isn’t a small town. Is Merton a small town? 10. Triglon isn’t a small planet. Is Triglon a small planet? 11. You aren’t a good student. Are you a good student? 12. They aren’t in the park. Are they in the park?

11 SHORT ANSWERS: Is Nick in the park? Yes, ________________
Are you ten? Yes,________________ Are the children from Italy? Yes, ________________ Are we from Miami? Yes, ________________ Is Maria fifteen? Yes, ________________ Is he from Portugal? No, ________________ Are they brother and sister? No, ________________ Are you from Canada? No, ________________ Is the dog five? No, ________________ 10.Are you at home? Yes, ________________ he is you are they are we are she is he isn’t they aren’t I’m not it isn’t I am

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