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The Importance of Copyright I’m just a kid working on a project, why should I care about copyright?

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1 The Importance of Copyright I’m just a kid working on a project, why should I care about copyright?

2 The legal ability of the author/creator of a work to: –Assert ownership of the work –Profit from its use –Protect it from uses that might diminish its value What is copyright?

3 Writer of books – fiction or non-fiction Writer of music and lyrics Photographer Videographer Artist –Painter –Sculptor What do we mean by author or creator?

4 Book Magazine Newsletter Photograph Music lyrics Music melody Painting Sculpture Drawing Flim Video Computer programming What do we mean by work?

5 Printed page Sound recording Video recording Photograph Painting/drawing Sculpture Anything else tangible –A melody in your head isn’t copyrighted until written down or recorded What forms can the work take?

6 It depends –Is it in the Public Domain? –Did you receive permission from the copyright owner? –Is it your own, original work? If you can answer “yes” to any of those questions, you might be able to use it I know the perfect song for my 4-H video project. Can I use it?

7 You paid to download for your personal enjoyment Any republication, such as putting the music under a video that you post to You Tube or show to others may be a copyright violation But I paid for the download. Isn’t it mine?

8 You Tube does have a way to use music that has been pre-approved –Here’s a link ?hl=en&answer=94316 ?hl=en&answer=94316 –Here’s You Tube’s general Copyright Policy I hear music under You Tube videos all the time. How does that happen?

9 You can try to get permission –Copyright owner is listed on CDs © 2011 Green Tree Music –For downloads On I-Tunes the copyright owner is usually listed in the upper left corner of the album listing, just below the cover artwork and price Other online sources vary I really want to use the music I’ve chosen. Are there any other ways?

10 Do an internet search on the copyright holder to find contact information. Write a short letter describing how/why you want to use the music…that is 4-H project, school project, etc. Be clear you aren’t selling anything. Ask for permission. Don’t make it a fan letter. Remember the copyright holder is the writer, not always the same as the performer. Ok, I know who owns the copyright, now what?

11 Expand your project a bit –Gather some musically talented friends –Write and perform your own music It can be part of the fun of the project and You will own the copyright! Is there an easier way?

12 Absolutely! Even before it is done. Once anything has been recorded and saved in some form, even on a hard drive, it is copyrighted. You do NOT have to register anything or claim your copyright, it happens automatically. However, if you end up with something very special you might want to sell, seek additional advice about registration I never thought of that. You mean I own the copyright to my finished project?

13 Pretty much the same process applies. If the copyright is stated, use that to search for contact information. If it isn’t, you’ll have to use a little detective work to try to find the owner. If you can’t, it is safest to move on to a different photo or clip. Remember, if you found it on the web, the owner can, as well. Ok, that covers music. How about using a photo or video clip I found on the Internet?

14 In short, no. There is no automatic exception for educational or non-profit purposes. There is a concept called “Fair Use” but there are some specific rules that make it unlikely it could be employed as a defense. I’m not trying to sell someone else’s work, doesn’t that make a difference?

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