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Getting Online Students Plugged-In. Perhaps the greatest weakness in online education…

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1 Getting Online Students Plugged-In

2 Perhaps the greatest weakness in online education…

3 We lose 20 to 50% in the first year, and 10 to 20% more than that in online courses. -Frankola, 2001 -Diaz, 2002, via Herbert Student Retention

4 University of Phoenix graduates 16% overall and 4% online Strayer graduates 14% -NY Times -Strayer

5 Want to Keep Me? Engage me!

6 How can professors engage online students?

7 The Net-ty Professor 1.Designs course infrastructure 2.Facilitates student learning

8 The Designer To err is to learn To enlighten divine But students only return When engaged by design

9 Show Me the Masterpiece Give me the best of both: 1.Form & 2.Function

10 Hook Me!

11 Welcome images and messages lure me in and keep me coming back.

12 Orient Me! I need clear, concise instructions for course navigation

13 Give me: Words Pictures Formul α $ Color Font Audio Video Diversify Me!

14 Modularize Me! Lead me in chronological, bite-sized chunks Alternate small input bits with small output bits

15 Group Me! I’m more likely to stay when I make friends

16 Challenge Me! From those whom much is expected, much will be given. The more you expect from me, the more I will give you.

17 Reflect Me! Self-reflectionSelf-feedback Let’s talk about my favorite subject: me!

18 Spunk Trumps Sparkle

19 The Facilitator The sage on the stage steps aside for the guide on the side.

20 Love Me! Care more about me I’ll care more about you If I care more about you I’ll care more about your class.

21 Encourage Me! Encouragement makes all of the difference in the world to me!

22 Talk to Me! We ask for prompt feedback more than anything else because we need that in an online course.

23 Pester Me! Email and call the moment I drop off.

24 Know Me! Get to know who I am, where I’ve come from, and what I’m like. I’m a real person.

25 Customize Me! When you cater feedback to me, I know you’re watching, and I’ll try harder.

26 Befriend Me! I’ll tell friends things I would never tell professors. I’ll be much more likely to stay in class and in school if I have one faculty friend.

27 Forgive Me! I’ll mess up:  Miss a quiz  Forget a deadline  Not do homework But I’m more likely to get back on track if you forgive me

28 Sources training-onlinelearning2.jpg training-onlinelearning2.jpg ng.jpg ng.jpg http://www.onlineuniversities- http://www.onlineuniversities- 9963FB045ED9979A8B5B746E41E.jpg 9963FB045ED9979A8B5B746E41E.jpg courses/web-based-learning-bed.jpg courses/web-based-learning-bed.jpg content/uploads/2008/02/online-learning2.jpg content/uploads/2008/02/online-learning2.jpg ng-styles.jpg ng-styles.jpg _s.jpg _s.jpg ages/Laptop4.jpg ages/Laptop4.jpg ne/online_violator.png ne/online_violator.png /4976.10751.woman_onlineLearning.jpg /4976.10751.woman_onlineLearning.jpg e/HomePage.jpg e/HomePage.jpg mputer006.jpg mputer006.jpg /4931.10471.onlinelearning_large.jpg /4931.10471.onlinelearning_large.jpg http://www.oci- http://www.oci- s/news/Americas/July-08/Critics-Battle-Over-Online- Learning/news/0/image.jpg s/news/Americas/July-08/Critics-Battle-Over-Online- Learning/news/0/image.jpg %20learning1.jpg %20learning1.jpg 1/lens1374357_1244750526online-learning.jpg 1/lens1374357_1244750526online-learning.jpg 2144-main_Full.jpg 2144-main_Full.jpg http://media.learning-languages- http://media.learning-languages- sm.jpg sm.jpg 2010/online1_big.jpg 2010/online1_big.jpg Learning/images/distance_learning2.jpg Learning/images/distance_learning2.jpg

29 Sources r-in-socket.jpg r-in-socket.jpg g g content/uploads/plugged-in.jpg content/uploads/plugged-in.jpg e_facilitator.jpg e_facilitator.jpg a-article227x286.jpg a-article227x286.jpg content/uploads/2008/12/engaged_student.jpg content/uploads/2008/12/engaged_student.jpg ages/engaged_student.jpg ages/engaged_student.jpg content/uploads/2009/11/engaged.JPG content/uploads/2009/11/engaged.JPG rofession/CaseStudyLibrary.JPG rofession/CaseStudyLibrary.JPG -interior.jpg -interior.jpg 1_564_none/shhhhh-quiet-everyone-study-wallpaper.jpg 1_564_none/shhhhh-quiet-everyone-study-wallpaper.jpg roup%20involved.jpg roup%20involved.jpg udy-main_Full.jpg udy-main_Full.jpg phics/large/study_frederic_leighton.jpg phics/large/study_frederic_leighton.jpg content/themes/LivingOS_UPSILON/images/gallery_study.jpg content/themes/LivingOS_UPSILON/images/gallery_study.jpg dyTips.jpg dyTips.jpg elp_home_schooling.jpg elp_home_schooling.jpg content/uploads/2007/04/study.jpg content/uploads/2007/04/study.jpg events/eupdates/PublishingImages/study_researchers.jpg events/eupdates/PublishingImages/study_researchers.jpg 4.jpg 4.jpg images/25/study-homeoffice1-fb.jpg images/25/study-homeoffice1-fb.jpg j03997550000%5B1%5D.jpg j03997550000%5B1%5D.jpg derpictures/Built_in_study.jpg derpictures/Built_in_study.jpg hics/study_options.jpg hics/study_options.jpg

30 Sources content/uploads/2008/11/8300_Edge_top_angle400px.jpg content/uploads/2008/11/8300_Edge_top_angle400px.jpg blustin-heath-design-4.jpg blustin-heath-design-4.jpg sbruck.jpg sbruck.jpg content/uploads/2008/12/boukyo-house-interior-design.jpg content/uploads/2008/12/boukyo-house-interior-design.jpg pg pg content/uploads/2008/07/multidesk.jpg content/uploads/2008/07/multidesk.jpg Carr, S. (2000). As distance education comes of age, the challenge is keeping the students. Chronicle of Higher Education, 2/11/2000, p.A39. Retrieved August 11, 2005, from O'Brien, B. & Renner, A. (2002, June). Online student retention: Can it be done? Paper presented at the ED-MEDIA 2002 World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications, Denver, CO. Frankola, K. (2001). Why online learners drop out. Workforce, 80 (10), 53-59. Diaz, D. (2002). Online drop rates revisited. Retrieved August 11, 2005 from University of North Carolina, The Technology Source Archives Web site: 8081.jpg 8081.jpg html?_r=1p1-so-i0 html?_r=1p1-so-i0 html?_r=1 html?_r=1 on_Relations.htm on_Relations.htm tutor-w-girl.png tutor-w-girl.png

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