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2013 AOA CAP for PQRS: Individual Measures How to Complete the Registry-Based Reporting Process.

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1 2013 AOA CAP for PQRS: Individual Measures How to Complete the Registry-Based Reporting Process

2 AOA CAP PQRS 2013 Tutorial! Get started today by going to Follow this tutorial to assist you with the CAP PQRS. If you have questions please contact Angi Beranek at 312-202-8198 or

3 Key Items to Remember The 2013 reporting period includes patient visits that occurred between January 1 - December 31, 2013. AOA CAP for PQRS deadline for participation: January 31, 2014. Make sure to use your personal National Provider Identifier (NPI) and correct Tax Identification Number (TIN) when registering. If you provide the wrong information you will not receive a bonus incentive and you will incur the 1.5% penalty in 2015. All patients must be Medicare Part B patients. This includes Railroad Retirement Board and Medicare Secondary Payer.

4 Key Items to Remember Cont’d AOA CAP for PQRS is offering 22 measure groups and 27 individual measure sets. For the individual measures, you must submit 80% of your Medicare part B patients that meet at least three measures. Fee for AOA CAP for PQRS is $199 for AOA members and $299 for non-members. AOA CAP is also offering the eRx incentive program, which is a separate program for an additional fee of $199 for AOA members. Bonus incentive for 2013 is.5% of 2013 Fee For Service allowable charges. If you do not participate this year, a 1.5% penalty will be incurred in 2015.

5 Click here to begin.

6 Choose this option to report individual measures

7 Click for more information on the measure set

8 Clicking the “+” will show details for each measure

9 Clicking here drops down more information on the diagnosis or encounter codes

10 When you are ready, click here to begin registration

11 Log in using your AOA ID and password.

12 Click “Select” to proceed with this measure set

13 Enter all of your payment information and hit submit! The charge on your credit card statement will appear as “, Inc.”

14 This is a confirmation page for your payment. Click “OK” to continue.

15 Click “Begin”!

16 Be sure to read carefully. Your NPI and TIN are tied directly to your bonus payment. Please make sure to use your PERSONAL NPI!

17 Once you click “continue” you cannot go back to correct your NPI and TIN. Make sure they are correct! If not, go back now and fix them before proceeding!

18 Click this box before you continue

19 Be sure to enter your email address and select the option below in order to receive feedback

20 If you are entering data on behalf of your provider, you will have to enter your contact information here.

21 Select at least 3 measures from the list

22 Confirm that these are the measures you want to report. You will need to report them for at least 80% of your Medicare Part B patients for each of them.

23 Select this tab to enter patients manually Once you have selected a method for data entry, click here to begin entry for your patients Select this tab to use a template to enter patient data

24 Fill out the relevant measure data for one patient at a time, then click “save” when you are done. Manual Patient Data Entry Method:

25 You can add another patient by clicking here again. This box will show the patients that you have already entered. You can click the “+” to see details. Manual Patient Data Entry Method, cont’d:

26 Template Patient Data Entry Method: First, select the relevant activity Then, download the template and definition files Next, enter data into the template file, using the definition file as a reference, if necessary.

27 Template Patient Data Entry Method, cont’d: Use the “Browse” button to select the completed template file, then click “Upload” to add the patient data.

28 Template Patient Data Entry Method, cont’d: Check to make sure that the files were uploaded properly by clicking on each document title. When you have reviewed everything, simply close this window and continue.

29 Check this box to verify that you reported data from 80% of your Medicare patients

30 Look over your report before continuing. Choose “back” if anything needs to be fixed. Selecting “continue” now will submit your information.

31 Click the printer icon to print a copy of your PQRS Report for your records.

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