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Muscular Fitness is an individual’s combination of: Muscular Strength Muscular Endurance Flexibility.

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1 Muscular Fitness is an individual’s combination of: Muscular Strength Muscular Endurance Flexibility

2 Muscular Strength: The maximum force that can be generated by a specific muscle or muscle group one time.

3 Muscular Endurance: The ability of a muscle group to execute repeated contractions (perform work) over a sufficient time period to cause muscular fatigue.

4 Power The ability to do strength performance with speed.

5 Benefits of Muscular Fitness Ability to do more strenuous work Less susceptible to muscular fatigue Improved appearance Ability to do more work over a longer period of time Less injury prone Athletic performance

6 What are some myths about strength training? Fitness for Life

7 Myth: strength training makes females look more masculine Fact: female hormones prevent overdevelopment

8 Myth: strength training makes you “muscle bound” Fact: proper training, including flexibility exercises, improves functioning

9 MUSCLE FIBER TYPES FAST TWITCH Fast Contraction High Power Low Endurance Less Oxygen Dependant SLOW TWITCH Slow Contraction Low Power High Endurance Uses Oxygen

10 Are these athletes likely to have mostly fast twitch or slow twitch muscle fibers?

11 Muscle Striated Muscle is voluntary skeletal muscle that reaps the benefits of strength training. Striated muscles will atrophy (waste away) when not used and hypertrophy (get larger) when used.

12 CONCENTRIC - MUSCLE SHORTENS (force is greater than resistance) ISOMETRIC - MUSCLE LENGTH DOES NOT CHANGE (force = resistance) ECCENTRIC - MUSCLE LENGTHENS (force is less than resistance)



15 WHY WARM-UP? Muscles can contract faster and more forcefully ligaments and tendons are more pliable (less prone to injury) less stress on the heart nerve impulses move faster psychological readiness

16 OVERLOAD PRINCIPLE The body will respond by getting stronger when increased demands are placed upon it.

17 PRINCIPLE OF PROGRESSION Start out slowly with lighter weights and easier workouts. Increase the weights and intensity as the body gets stronger.

18 PRINCIPLE OF SPECIFICITY The body adapts “specifically” to the demands placed upon it.

19 Terms Strength Training –Use of resistance methods used to increase one’s ability to exert or resist force. Free Weights –An object that is not connected to a machine that is used for physical conditioning and competitive lifting One Repetition Maximum –The load one can perform only one repetition


21 Weight, Sets and Reps The total amount of weight lifted is known as the LOAD. A SET is the number of repetitions performed consecutively without resting. The number of times an exercise is repeated is know as the REPETITION(S). Or (Reps)

22 WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS? There are many fitness training programs available. This is very generic, but it is a start for a beginner. STRENGTH AND SIZE 3 SETS OF 6-8 REPS MUSCULAR ENDURANCE AND TONING 2-3 SETS OF 10-15 REPS

23 Fitness Training Programs Circuit Training –A variation of interval training that uses weights, timed work, and rest periods. Advantages –Easy to work every muscle in your body –Can be adapted for any size workout area –Does not require expensive gym equipment –Can be customized for specificity; easy to adapt to your sport.

24 Fitness Training Programs Cont… Cross Training –Training that emphasizes two or more of the components of health-related fitness. Example –Runners build muscles in their legs by running and improver cardiovascular strength –In order for a runner to increase overall body strength, he/she need to lift weights

25 Fitness Training Programs Cont… Interval Training –An exercise program that involves a series of exercises interspersed with rest periods. Example – Continuous exercise with the rest being a walk –Sprint 200m –Walk back to starting point –Sprint 400m –Walk back to starting point Fartlek

26 Fitness Training Programs Cont… Pyramid Training –A method of using progressively heavier or lighter loads within a single training session. Example –Set 1 - light weight/high reps –Set 2 – a little more weight/ medium reps –Set 3 – heavy weight/few reps –Set 4 – lighter weight/more reps –Set 5 – light weight/high reps

27 Negative Exercises A form of exercise in which the muscle lengthens rather than shortens during muscular tension. Eccentric Exercise Best way to improve strength Usually causes increased muscular soreness!

28 What are plyometric exercises?

29 a quick stretch followed by a strong muscle contraction


31 FITT Principal The FITT Principle still applies to all types of muscular fitness training! –Frequency –Intensity –Time –Type



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