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Addiction &tobacco.

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1 Addiction &tobacco

2 addiction What is Addiction?
What are things you can become addicted to? How do you know if someone is addicted to a drug?

3 The path to addiction

4 Classification of drugs
Sedative Hypnotics Drugs that slow down the central nervous system, relax, or tranquilize the person, and produce sleep Stimulants Chemical substances that generally speed up the central nervous system Hallucinogens Drugs that affect the person’s perception, awareness, and emotions, can cause illusions

5 Classifications cont. Narcotics Inhalants
Powerful painkillers, often referred to as opioids, often produce pleasurable feelings and induce sleep Inhalants Chemicals that are inhaled through the nostrils evaporating easily whose vapors produce mind-altering effects



8 Drug schedules Schedule I Schedule II Schedule III
Substance with high potential for abuse and dependence, NO accepted medical use in the USA (Ex. Heroin, LSD, Marijuana, PCP) Schedule II Substance with high potential for abuse, but has a medical use in the USA (Ex. Cocaine, Morphine, Amphetamines) Schedule III Substance with high potential for abuse but less than I and II, have a medical use in the USA (Ex. Tylenol, Steroids)

9 Schedules cont. Schedule IV Schedule V
Substance with low potential for abuse, relative to those in III (Ex. Muscle Relaxants, Anti-depressant pills) Schedule V Substance with low potential for abuse relative to those in IV, available without a prescription (Ex. Cough Syrup, Over the counter drugs)

10 Problems caused by drug use / abuse
Physical and Mental illness Infection with STD’s Drug addiction or dependency Undesired side effects Premature and sudden deaths Disrupted family life Rape Vandalism and destructive behaviors Impaired performance Criminal activities that finance drug supply

11 Facts about smoking 420,000 deaths per year
Exercising and participating in sports is impossible if you smoke There are many physical effects of smoking Smoking makes you smell bad and have wrinkles Young smokers are 100% more likely to become addicted

12 statistics Smoking kills more Americans each year than Alcohol, Cocaine, Crack, Heroin, Homicide, Suicide, Car Accidents, Fires, and AIDS Combined. Approximate number of deaths: Smoking ,000 Alcohol ,000 Car Accidents 49,000 Fires ,000 AIDS ,000 Heroin & Morphine 2,400 Suicide ,000 Homicide ,000 Cocaine& Crack 3,300

13 Statistically Speaking . . . .
The amount smoking costs society per year: $157 Billion The approximate number of premature deaths caused by tobacco use each year: 400, 000 Percentage of movies released in 1997 – 2001 in which cigarettes appeared: 89% Percentage of society that does not smoke: 78%

14 What’s in a cigarette Paint stripper Nail polish remover
Powerful cleaning agents Ant poison Lighter fluid Materials from alkaline batteries Carbon monoxide Rat poison Insecticides Formaldehyde Lead Jet fuel An active ingredient In moth balls Nicotine Polonium – a radioactive element


16 Normal vs. charred lungs

17 Effects of tobacco on men
Tobacco can damage the tiny blood vessels in the penis Damaged blood vessels cannot enlarge to allow enough blood flow to create an erection Smokers have a 50% higher rate of impotence Long term smokers tend to look 8 years older than they really are

18 Effects of tobacco on women
Reduced fertility Earlier menopause Increased rate of abortion Still birth Sudden infant death syndrome in babies Lower IQ Infants are exposed to nicotine in breast milk

19 Effects of Smokeless tobacco
A man with a missing jaw, from chewing tobacco.

20 Causes of death due to cigarette smoking


22 Tobacco and athletic performance
Nicotine narrows your blood vessels and puts added strain on your heart Smoking can wreck lungs and reduce oxygen available for muscles used during sports Smoker’s run slower and not as far as non-smokers Smoking hurts physical fitness in terms of both endurance and performance

23 There’s more At least 4.5 million adolescents (12-17) in the US smoke cigarettes Two major concerns with adolescents who smoke are heart disease and strokes Teens who smoke are 3 times more likely than non-smokers to use alcohol, 8 times more likely to use marijuana, and 22 times more likely to use cocaine

24 Did you know? On an average, someone who smokes a pack or more of cigarettes a day lives 7 years less than someone who has never smoked.

25 Reasons to quit smoking
Live longer Smell better Won’t have bad breath Have whiter teeth Be able to taste food Have extra money Won’t cough all the time Be able to sit through a whole movie without shaking Won’t need a chemical to make you feel good

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