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The old management adage says “You can't manage what you don't measure.”– "... And I can assure you, beyond any reasonable doubt, you will make more money.

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1 The old management adage says “You can't manage what you don't measure.”– "... And I can assure you, beyond any reasonable doubt, you will make more money with a controlled pour as compared to a free pour, and you'll have a better-run, more manageable bar with accountability. When you measure, you can manage. When you free pour, you won't be sure of anything, you'll just be guessing. And you won't have control of your business - the bartenders will. "Extract from an article written by Bob Johnson, Bar management expert, multi-unit beverage director and author. (Click your left mouse button or press enter when you are ready to move forward ) OVERVIEW

2 If all you got to track draft beer sales is a POS system, how could you possibly hold your staff accountable for the beers served that were not rung up in the POS? Bartenders do not work under much pressure because there isn’t any system in place that will “measure” how they perform at serving beer and ringing up sales in the POS. Consequently, the beers served that are forgotten, given away or stolen from the house often go undetected. You will not increase your beer sales by measuring how much beer you lose each week with a scale or an inventory control system. You will convert today’s losses into revenues tomorrow, if your bartenders know they are evaluated on their own individual performance at serving beer and at registering draft beer sales during their shift. When you will have reports listing the times, brands and sizes served for which you do not have any sales recorded (with CCTV backing you up), you will be rewarded with more diligent bartenders.

3 With bartenders driven to perform at their job, draft beer sales and profits can only go up! This is what the Draft manager Live system can do for you!

4 1.Draft beer is served at approximately 2 Oz. or 60 ml per second. 2.A 50L/half barrel beer keg that costs $100 is being served at 10 cents per second at the beer tap. 3.10 seconds of beer poured that does not generate revenues equal to a $1 loss in your books. 4.Most bar owners who have checked will agree that they loose 15 % or more of the draft beer they buy. 5.For someone who purchases an average of 10 kegs per week, that is 1-1/2 kegs of beer lost each week! Facts about draft beer

5 You can lose beer four different ways: 1- Over poured; involuntarily or for better tips 2- Carelessly poured down the drain generating senseless and costly waste 3- Given away as unauthorized comps to friends or for better tips 4- Forgotten or stolen by your staff ending up as unregistered sales

6 1 1/2 keg of beer is 75 litres (2536 Oz) of beer served at 2 Oz./60 ml per second. If you do the math, it takes 21 minutes to serve this much beer at the beer tap. Is it possible that you lose 21 minutes worth of draft beer to over pour or foam each week? It is highly unlikely! Our 30 years experience at metering beer has shown us that the lion’s share of the draft beer lost each week is actually lost to unregistered sales! Back to our 15% example...

7 How much money are we talking about? With 75 litres of beer, you can serve 140 pints of beer (19 Oz./540ml). What do you like best? Keep losing 75 litres each week ($150) or… Earn the additional income for 140 pints of beer sold each week!

8 Our expertise since 1985! The Draft Manager Live system will keep track of the beers served and rung up in the POS system Live. Each time a beer tap is used, it records the time, the brand and the amount served. Each time a beer is ordered in the POS it records the time, brand and pour size ordered. The beers served and rung up in the POS are reconciled LIVE as they are served and rung up by your staff. A summary report is emailed automatically at the end of each shift. If there is a discrepancy, you are informed before the staff has left the building.


10 Why is Draft manager Live the best system? We are a solution company. We firmly believe that receiving a report telling you how much beer has been lost each day will not do much for your bottom line. It will raise a lot of questions and provide few answers. With Draft Manager Live: If more beer is served than ordered in the POS, the system will show you the cause whether it is unregistered sales or wasted beer. You will know immediately if you need to train someone at serving beer better or if you need to be concerned with someone not ringing up the sales in the POS. The time stamps in Draft Manager will help you pin point the day and time where you need to look on you CCTV disk saving you hours of visual analysis. The time stamps will also show you the time it takes between serving a beer and ringing it up in the POS. Draft manager provides you with all the information you need to manage your staff efficiently. The system will help you make and keep your employees accountable.

11 WWW.AUPER.COM Email: Tel: 1.450.663.1993 See a video demonstration on our website at: Live demonstration with webcam and remote computer access available on demand.

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