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Make Increase your gross profit by up to 20% and get dynamic real-time data with the first and best web-based beverage management system.

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1 Make Increase your gross profit by up to 20% and get dynamic real-time data with the first and best web-based beverage management system

2 The first and best pour tracking system – bar none Combats slippage by tracking pours minute by minute Transmits real-time bar sales to a web-based management system Enables owners and operators to access data on the Internet – anytime, anywhere Easy-to-use Provides data to track every ounce poured Reduces slippage from an industry average of up to 20% to as low as 1%

3 Bevchek offers numerous benefits Benefits and features include Internet-based, real-time data updated every minute Time stamping of all pours and sales transactions On-hand inventory management system Easy-to-read variance reports highlighting slippage by individual item SMS / email alerts when user parameters are breached User-friendly web interface that is easy to read and navigate Flexible and easy to implement Compatible with leading POS systems (Aloha, Squirrel, Silverware Positouch,Matre D, Micros, Profitek, etc.) Quick and easy integration with existing dispensing systems Can be interfaced with most video surveillance systems

4 Problems identified quickly Can be customized to provide alerts through Email, PDA, SMS Alerts report pours or temperatures that are outside normal operating values Provides by-the-minute variance reports

5 Online example of product sale Time-stamped listing of all sales and pours for Miller Lite.This listing can also be broken down into 15 minute time periods. In this example, the Bevchek System is showing a variance of -57.01oz on the Miller Lite line. Clicking on the "-57.01 oz" will display a time- stamped listing of all sales and pours.

6 How the Bevchek system works 1.Reads usage volumes as beverages are poured 2.POS interface reads beverage sales data from all POS machines 3.Data is sent to Bevchek servers, sorted, stored, prepared for viewing 4.User accesses secure data on the Internet anywhere in the world 5.Measures pours with 99% accuracy 6.Provides real-time information updated every minute 7.Operators can manage on-hand inventory levels without checking coolers and storerooms 8.Multiple user levels allow varying degrees of information access Note: If Internet is disconnected, all information is backed up and re-sent when connection is re-established

7 How the Bevchek System works

8 Puts profits back in your pocket Now you can put profit back into your pocket Inventory slippage pours your profits down the drain Hospitality industry slippage problems far exceed any other business sector Lack of employee responsibility and accountability results in up to 20% beverage alcohol loss Tough on the bottom line Reduces slippage, spillage, waste, theft to as low as 1%

9 Types of slippage that reduces profit Common forms of beverage slippage include Theft – to increase their income, employees may over pour for better tips and have a high level of unregistered sales that are not rung in Collusion – occurs when a group of employees siphon revenues from the principal to themselves Carelessness – in most cases, employees cannot be held accountable for sloppy pouring resulting in unprofitable waste

10 Types of reports available Reports can be viewed and printed Displays consolidated sales vs. poured by item on a real time basis (daily, MTD, YTD) Displays sales vs. poured variance by item on a minute-by-minute basis Can display multiple bar/unit totals on one screen Stores historical information Custom shift reportings Time stamped transaction reports show minute by minute transactions/pours Inventory summary by item of "on hand" products Provides average pour size on a continual basis Overpours vs. not rung in and pours vs. sold Graphical report for slippage and off-hours

11 Bevchek System specifications Systems Monitored Draught beer lines Liquor dispensing guns Wine dispensing lines POS Interface Capabilities Aloha, Squirrel, Micros, PosiTouch, Profitek, MaitreD, Silverware, R2, Barnet Systems and HSI Technical Specifications Master Control Panel (MCP), Electrical 110-240V MCP is a metal box, hinged front with key lock Number of Lines Monitored: up to 24 per MCP, Multiple MCP capabilities

12 View a LIVE Online Demo Visit our website for a live online demo To log-in for the demo, use: Client Id:bevchek User Id:client Password:savings

13 About our company Bevchek Global Systems Inc. Technology company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada Offices in Phoenix, Toronto and Vancouver Founded by a long-time restaurant / bar owner who understands slippage problems. Simplified data reporting mechanism that highlights slippage minute-by-minute. Real-time, web-based system assists in effectively eliminating slippage.

14 Contact information Bevchek Global Systems Inc. HEAD OFFICE 230 – 11120 Horseshoe Way Richmond BC Canada V7A 5H7 Toll Free: 1.866.967.2435 Technical Support: 1.877.247.2961 Email: PHOENIX, ARIZONA Office Michael Fodor Regional Sales Manager, West Email: Direct: 520.975.0661 TORONTO, CANADA Office Kyle Zien Regional Sales Manager, East Email: Direct: 647.291.5960

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