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Building Mongolia’s Open Network for Education

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1 Building Mongolia’s Open Network for Education
ONE Mongolia Z. Batbold :: D. Porter ::

2 Hello Batbold Zagdragchaa, David Porter –
Project leader in Mongolia David Porter – Educational consultant to and Hello

3 Context Mongolia is a rapidly developing economy
With a small population (2.9M) divided almost equally between the Ulaanbaatar (1.4M) and rural centres across the vast countryside Context

4 IDRC has supported research on open practices
Open government Open access research Open educational resources IDRC has supported research on open practices

5 National open seminars
National seminars on OER sponsored by DREAM IT and IDRC Canada were held in Ulaanbaatar in October 2010 and September 2011 National open seminars

6 Open government Making government information accessible
Inviting participation through web-based access The project found that one-way information flow was insufficient to promote citizen engagement Open government

7 Open access research Publishing research openly using CC licenses
CC-BY-SA Open access research

8 CC-BY-SA Open access research

9 Open educational resources (OER)

10 OER research Using OER with pre-school teachers and parents
CC-BY-NC-SA OER research

11 Building a Creative Commons Mongolia Affiliate
Critical infrastructure for an open society

12 Focus-area 1: Identify partners for a Creative Commons (CC) Mongolia
Participated in UNESCO IITE and MUST workshop in April 2012 Hosted organizational meeting with potential partners in July 2012 Identified and named partners for all CC Mongolia Affiliate activities by September 2012 Focus-area 2: Establish CC Mongolia Affiliate organizational structure Design and develop CC Mongolia Affiliate web site Create CC Mongolia video Sign MoU with Creative Commons by November 2012 Expected date of completion: December 2012 CC Mongolia affiliate

13 Building an Open Network for Education
ONE Mongolia Project Building an Open Network for Education

14 Why the ONE project? Mindgolia Minegolia
Mongolia in the next 20 years? Mindgolia Minegolia Why the ONE project?

15 Promoting public awareness of new demands and a new vision for education
Learning for knowledge-based economy Learning Nation Creating partnerships for a new model for education in the 21st century Initiating new policies for 21st century education support systems ONE Mongolia Project

16 Why Does Mongolia Need a New Model for Education?
World is changing Becoming more flat and open Internet and global knowledge Mongolian schools and universities have not adapted to the changing world Why Does Mongolia Need a New Model for Education?

17 Innovation Through Technology
ONE Mongolia Project Innovation Through Technology

18 ONE Mongolia: First Steps (1)
First Year Goals: Establishing the Creative Commons Mongolia Affiliate Cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, Academy of Science, Universities Developing public awareness of OER ONE.MN Portal: OER Directory (M) Workshops and media coverage ONE Mongolia: First Steps (1)

19 ONE Mongolia: First Steps (2)
Six projects, goals for 2013: Mongolpedia: To develop and add contents on ONE Academy: Localize 200 video lessons of Khan Academy ONE Language: To create Mongolian online dictionary – 2000 words ONE Mongolia: First Steps (2)

20 ONE Mongolia: First Steps (3)
ONE Repository: Digitize 200 historical documents ONE Thesis: All university students will be required to upload their thesis and dissertations ONE Library: National Open Access Library – 500 books ONE Mongolia: First Steps (3)

Learning for a knowledge-based economy ONE Mongolia Project

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