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AstraZeneca in Algeria Driven by Science, Serving Patients

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1 AstraZeneca in Algeria Driven by Science, Serving Patients
Habib Bennaceur North West Africa President 10th December 2014

2 AstraZeneca is present in Algeria since 2006
AstraZeneca in Algeria - We push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines AstraZeneca is present in Algeria since 2006 170 employees AstraZeneca provides Algerian patients with multiple important molecules, particularly in Oncology, Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Gastrointestinal.

3 AstraZeneca as an active partner in developing people in Algeria: Our priorities
Patient support education R&D capabilities Local manufacturing and technology transfer Health Care Professional skills AstraZeneca Algeria as best place to work

4 AstraZeneca Algeria at a Glance : Opportunities and Challenges
Language International experience Turnover Young population Diversity Education economical and political stability Long term presence Scarcity & competition for talents with rising manpower costs to attract &retain the best Lack of International experience New people managers mainly, internally promoted

5 AstraZeneca Algeria long term commitment
Ministry of Health Medical Scientific Societies Patient Associations Public Health Patient First - Patient support program - Patient educators for chronic diseases Partnering For Scientific Leadership - R&D (ATLANTIC, ESMAA). - CME - Partnerships with International academies Employees Great Place to Work We engage and inspire AstraZeneca employees about our commitment to addressing urgent public health threats JV AZ Algeria industrial Foot Print Toll manufacturing Collaboration with SAIDAL

6 AZ Algeria Oncology plan - Five pillars Supporting Algerian Government Strategy
Assessment of Cancer centers and send recommendation to reach international standards Have 1 or 2 centers accredited by Karolinska or Gustavo Roussy National cancer registries implementation Support R&D Implement strong screening program for Breast/Prostatic/ Colon cancer Work on “Phakamisa” model Kc screening and prevention Validate EGFR Plateform by Karolinska center Expand diagnosis capabilities to other mutations type Develop “Microbiologists” capabilities Enhance Diagnosis plateform Assess GPs role in prevention/Screening/Follow up of the patients Support GPs training in Oncology Work on “Oncology Network” development Build HCP Network & training *based on data presented at January 2014 JP Morgan Conference. Provide Nurses and Psychologists at home for palliative treatments Patient support program

7 Algeria - Headquarter for North West African countries
Tinisia Moroco Westerne Sahara Mauritania Senegal Gambia Mali Guinia Cote d’Ivoire Chad Cent- African-Rp Cameroom Democ-Rp- Congo Congo Gabon Niger Benin Togo

8 Thank you

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