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Jeffrey Wiseman Emmanuel G. Blanchard Susanne Lajoie

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1 Jeffrey Wiseman Emmanuel G. Blanchard Susanne Lajoie
The Deteriorating Patient Smartphone App How Can Achievement Emotions Guide the Design of a Medical TRE? Jeffrey Wiseman Emmanuel G. Blanchard Susanne Lajoie LEADS 2nd Annual Team Meeting May 2, 2013 San Francisco

2 Outline Rationale Research Questions Methods Data to be analyzed
Deliverables Implications + Conclusion

3 Rationale Emergencies = emotionally challenging situations
ABCDEFG algorithm guides emergency care & helps with some emotional challenges Medical Simulations: Role of debrief; “Hi Fi” versus “Low Fi” Deliberate practice with feedback (Ericsson, 2004)

4 Rationale The Deteriorating Patient Simulation (DPS) Human tutors
(Wiseman, Lajoie, Lu, Blanchard 2006, 2010, 2012) Human tutors Small groups of learners + few tutors Digital tutors Large numbers of learners + digital tutor TRE (Smartphone App: Authoring + Case tools) Community of live & digital learners and tutors Deliberate practice with feedback anywhere, anytime Serious games

5 Emotions?

6 From the Live Tutor Deteriorating Patient Simulation…
(Wiseman, Snell, 2008; Lu, Lajoie, Wiseman, 2010) Patient Scenario Listen to Learner Your approach Learner’s approach Important differences or weaknesses Patient deteriorates by a small increment specific to the weakness Learner corrects doesn’t correct Hints & Humor Prompt to consult Listen to next learner E

7 …To the Digital Deteriorating Patient Application
(Blanchard, Wiseman, Naismith, Hong, Lajoie, 2010; Blanchard, Wiseman, Naismith, Lajoie, 2012) Action categories Information panel Vital signs Choice of actions in the selected category

8 Research Questions What types of achievement emotions (Pekrun, 2006) occur in the setting of medical learners attempting to solve an emergency case simulation presented by a human tutor? Are similar achievement emotions induced by a smartphone-based TRE presenting the same case? If not, what additional adjustments in the TRE are needed to bring the TRE-induced achievement emotions closer to those induced by a human tutor?

9 Methods User-centred design iterative approach (Lai et al 2010)
DP app developers interact with 5 target users to test and adjust TRE design choices Modules for collecting user data embedded into the TRE Compare + adjust TRE to human Tutor with using an isometric case for 10 medical learners

10 Data to be Analyzed Technical Cognitive Emotional
Self-report measures, log files Cognitive Process: use of ABCDEFG algorithm to guide diagnostic and management choices; response to changes in vital signs & hints; persistence Outcome: Diagnosis, Management, Timing of help-seeking Emotional AEQ (Pre? During? As part of Debrief to guide recall?), Task value + control

11 Deliverables A new version of the DDPA running on smartphones
A first version of the DDPA authoring tool running on smartphones A paper submission to ECTEL2014 An advanced draft of a paper to be submitted to a peer-reviewed international journal in late 2014 A grant proposal submission to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada for additional evaluations on the emotional and cognitive impacts of DDPA for medical learners

12 Implications + Conclusions
Role of learner emotions in medical simulations are relatively unexplored in TRE design is new for medical contexts DPA Smartphone App promises to Support further adaptation + application of the AEQ to a medical education context Provide a TRE designed for learners’ emotions Permit tracking of learner development over time Provide links with Empathy/Giving Bad News/Cultural Differences/Bioworld

13 Thank You! Thank You

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